11-year-old Marshall Makes His Mark

          September 1st, 2014

          Aliyah, Carole and Marshall

          Aliyah, Carole and Marshall

          The Make Your Mark campaign invites you to think of your contribution as a fundamental piece of our theatre school, but with every child that passes through our doors we are reminded that theatre has made a mark on them. We can ask what a theatre school brings to the community, but we are reminded too that these special moments impact every child under our roof in unique and meaningful ways.

          This month, one of our long-time theatre school students made an amazing gesture of generosity. 11-year-old Marshall felt that he had plenty of toys and instead decided to collect donations for his theatre school at Carousel instead of getting birthday gifts!

          For Marshall, a CTYP student for 8 years, theatre school has had such an impact that giving other children in need the opportunity to attend was the best way to celebrate his birthday. At his birthday party, Marshall introduced his friends to the theatre and improv games he has come to know so well from years of classes at Carousel Theatre for Young People.


          Coming up, he is looking forward to returning to CTYP’s new and improved facility for some of his favourites: improv, friendly and amazing teachers, and the end-of-term showcase.

          Thank you so much, Marshall! Your contribution and kindness are one-of-a-kind and we are looking forward to many more exciting classes with you to come!


          Join Marshall and Make Your Mark today!

          The Make Your Mark campaign is an effort to activate 100 donors to donate $100.00 in 100 days in order to support our current renovation and facilities updating project. The campaign runs from July 11th – October 18th, 2014.

          100 donors.

          100 dollars.

          100 days.

          Every person who donates $100 will receive a tile for you and your family to decorate. This tile will be permanently fixed to the wall in the Carousel Theatre for Young People lobby! We will even be hosting a tile decorating party on October 18th & 19th, 2014 in our newly renovated space where donors can also get a tour of our new facilities!

          To Make Your Mark on Carousel Theatre for Young People, click here!

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