2016: A Year in Review

          January 6th, 2017

          2016 has come and gone and 2017 has arrived in full force. As we welcome the new friends and big adventures that are just around the corner, we also want to take a look back at CTYP’s 2016 and celebrate those achievements.

          From the bottoms of our hearts, thank you for all your support and generosity this year! We can’t wait to see what 2017 has waiting in the wings!

          In 2016….

          1. Our first ever Relaxed Performance with Go, Dog. Go! made live theatre accessible to children with autism and their families



          2. We developed a new play for the Bee Stage, On My Walk, bringing the magic of theatre to little ones under 3



          3. We were able to provide over $2,400 in bursaries and financial aid to drama students with need



          4. We awarded Teen Shakespeare Program Leadership Awards to two outstanding members of the Much Ado About Nothing ensemble, Noah Heyl and Sean Mawhinney



          5. Thirty-four lawyers volunteered their time and talents for the 2016 Lawyer Show: Hairspray! and raised a record-busting $84,000 for Carousel Theatre for Young People and Touchstone Theatre



          6. In association with our friends at Diwali Fest, Sultans of the Street lit up the stage in time for the festival of lights



          7. We ended the year and smashed box-office records with a sold-out run of A Charlie Brown Christmas



          Thank you so much to all our patrons, students, artists, volunteers, donors and sponsors for making 2016 a spectacular year for CTYP. We can barely wait to share with you what’s coming up in the new year.


          Photos: 1: The company of Go, Dog. Go! Photo by Tim Matheson. 2: CJ McGillivray, Victor Mariano and Marcie Nestman in On My Walk. Photo by Faye Campbell. 3: CTYP drama school students. Photo by Faye Campbell. 4: Noah Heyl, Carole Higgins and Sean Mawhinney. Photo by Faye Campbell. 5: The company of the Lawyer Show 2016: Hairspray!. Photo by Michelle Morelos. 6: Nimet Kanji, Nadeem Phillip and Parmiss Sehat in Sultans of the Street. Photo by Tim Matheson. 7: The company of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Photo by Tim Matheson.

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