A Merry Adventure for All in Sherwood Forest

December 1st, 2009

It has been a very busy time here at Carousel Theatre. We opened, not one, but TWO shows this past weekend: Goodnight Moon & The Runaway Bunny, and our holiday production of The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood!

The second show that opened this weekend, The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, opened to a packed opening night audience on Saturday, November 28. The theatre was roaring with laughter, applause, music and the sounds of swords clanging into the night!

Josue Laboucane (The Sheriff of Nottingham) and Ryan Beil (Guy of Gisborne) have a moment together. Aww...

The Sheriff of Nottingham (Josue Laboucane) and Guy of Gisborne (Ryan Beil) have a little moment. Awww.

The cast of Carousel Theatre's The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood includes (from left) Julie McIsaac as Will Scarlett, Lawrence Haegert as Robin Hood, Sean Oliver as Alan of Dale, and Joshua Reynolds as Little John

Ian Butcher (Forester), Allan Zinyk (Friar Tuck), Genevieve Fleming (Maid Marian- in the very important TYA 3-towel rule), and Ryan Beil (Guy of Gisborne...as wolf)

Ian Butcher (Forester), Allan Zinyk (Friar Tuck), Genevieve Fleming (Maid Marian), and Ryan Beil (Guy of Gisborne… as wolf)

Here’s what some folks had to say about the show:

“The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood is a joyous feast. Director Stephen Drover has crafted a crisply paced production that is every bit as merry as it is adventurous.” Review by Kathleen Oliver, The Georgia Straight (read the whole review here)

“Our class thoroughly enjoyed the play ‘Robin Hood’. The production was top notch and my parent volunteers were also raving about it.  I was also watching my students and they were all engaged  but the story and script were filled with so much action that they had no choice but to be alert to absorb everything going on. Every one put on a first class act.  The play was just hilarious and the script was funny on two levels!!  Thank you again and please pass on our congratulations to the actors/ actresses. We were honoured to be your first live audience.” Stella, a teacher from Garden City Elementary (Richmond, BC)

“This was fairy-tale storytelling shrek-style and it was pure fun! The best part is I could tell, as an audience member, everyone on stage was having fun too!  I’ve never been to a Carousel Theatre production before (I know, I know, my bad) but if this is the quality of show they put on you can be sure I’ll go back. Yes, it is a TYA theatre production, but this show is fun for all ages. The little kids were shrieking and laughing which makes my grown-up heart burst because if this is the type of theatre kids are being introduced too then we are definitely building an audience for the future.” (Read the rest of Sabrina’s blog entry here)

“This show was fantastic. Fun for the whole family.I haven’t enjoyed a show that much in a long time. It’s the perfect holiday treat. ” A Mom of 2 kids.

Carousel Theatre’s shows are a popular holiday tradition with families- a chance for the whole gang to get together and see a show that will be enjoyed by everyone from ages 4 and up.

Have you seen the show yet? If so, let us know what you think!

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