A Random and Informative Interview…with Carole Higgins!

September 15th, 2009

Carole Higgins- The Leader of the Pack

Carole Higgins- The Leader of the Pack

CT:  Hello Carole Higgins- Director of Love You Forever…! Thanks for taking the time out of your day to chat with us and the Carousel Theatre fans out in the magical world wide web. We know you’re super busy with directing the show, as well as being the Artistic and Managing Director for Carousel Theatre, so we just wanted to ask you some quick questions… do you mind?

CH: Not at all!

CT: Thanks! First up- What is your most favourite book in the entire world from when you were little?

CH: I loved Misty of Chincoteague– it was about a pony who was a descendant of ponies who survived the shipwreck of a Spanish galleon many centuries ago, swam ashore on a little island off the coast of Virginia and became wild. I was obsessed with Misty and my mom made me a Misty costume for Hallowe’en when I was in Grade One. When I was in Grade Two I did a whole ½ hr presentation on Misty for the Grade Two talent show.

CT: What is your favourite colour? Why?

Carole as a tot (R), and her pal (L)

Carole as a tot (R), and her pal (L)

CH: Bright pink! Because it’s such a happy colour.

CT: Who would win in a tussle: Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte?

CH: Tough one. I would go with Jane Austen, because of her wit. I think she would outsmart Charlotte.

CT: Do you like dogs or cats?

CH: Dogs! I have two dogs, Molly and Sammy and they are so much fun.

CT: You say that you have ‘the best job in the world’ –why do you like it so much?

CH: Because I get to play at work! I love creating theatre for young people, and working to raise the funds to make it possible for Carousel to create the theatre.

CT: Can you tell us how you direct a play?

CH: Each play is different, and calls for its own style. To prepare for directing a play, I read the play several times, make notes and then distill the play down to a primary image, or images, to use as the foundation. For this play, I really wanted to explore the idea of a pop-up book that comes to life. I then hold auditions and cast the play, choosing the actors that I think will fulfill the images and style. I then meet with the designers, and we begin to design the set, costumes, sound, lights. Once the set design has been created, I make a rough map of how I think the action will play out across the stage, focusing on the entrances, exits and flow. Then we go into rehearsals, and we play, try a whole bunch of idea, pick and choose, and voila!

CT: What makes directing a play for young audiences different than for adults?

CH: Young audiences are the best audiences in the whole world. They are so wonderfully honest, and you learn very quickly during previews what works for them, and what needs to be tweaked. I am also very interested in layering our productions so that there is something for every age demographic- something for the very little ones, something for the 8 yr olds, the teens, the parents, the teachers, the grandparents.

CT: Can you tell us a little about Love You Forever… what can our Carousel Theatre family expect when they come and see the show? (without giving away the cool surprises!)

CH: We are having so much fun in the rehearsal hall! We are playing a lot with physical style, colour, and creating sound through voice and movement. I think our audiences can expect a really fun, vibrant, silly and sweet show.

CT: Thanks Carole- for taking the time to answer our questions! Have fun in rehearsal!

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