About Carousel Theatre for Young People

Carousel Theatre for Young People inspires young people, families and artists with playful, accessible theatrical experiences which strive for artistic excellence. We support and educate emerging artists and audiences while enriching their hearts and minds.  


  • Playfulness 
  • Artistic Excellence
  • Accessibility
  • Community

Carousel Theatre for Young People is the leader in engaging young people in the transformative power of live theatre at its dedicated facility for the production and performance of Theatre for Young Audiences.

Carousel Theatre for Young People (CTYP) was incorporated in 1976. In its early years the company performed at several different venues in Vancouver including the Arts Club Seymour Street and the Vancouver East Cultural Centre. CTYP has been based on Granville Island since 1981.  

CTYP’s dedication to artistic excellence has resulted in critical acclaim and twelve Jessie Awards and 60 nominations in the Theatre for Young Audiences category in the past six seasons. Most recently, CTYP’s Busytown received the Jessie Award for Outstanding Production, TYA in 2014. Other recent productions of note include Bird Brain, A Year with Frog and Toad, Seussical and The Odyssey, all of which received multiple Jessie Awards, including Outstanding Production, TYA.

Each season approximately 40 000 young people and their families benefit from CTYP’s programming. At Carousel Theatre for Young People we believe that the arts, and specifically theatre, plays a vital role in a young person’s development.  It takes a village to raise a child. CTYP is an intrinsic part of that village.

“Carousel Theatre for Young People: so magical it will even make kids sit still.”- The Globe and Mail

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