An Interview with the fabulous Kaylee Harwood!

April 13th, 2010

Kaylee Harwood is one of Vancouver’s up-and-coming theatricians (yep, that’s a word!). Kaylee is making her debut with Carousel Theatre, but in the past year alone she has graced the stage at The Arts Club Theatre (Vancouver, BC), Western Canada Theatre (Kamloops, BC), Citadel Theatre (Edmonton, AB), and the Chemainus Theatre Festival (Vancouver Island).

We are very excited to have her join us for A Year with Frog and Toad (where she will be playing Bird, Mouse, Squirrel AND a Mole).

Kaylee Harwood

When did you first start singing, dancing and acting?

My mom would say that I started as soon as I could walk and talk, putting on plays and dance performances in our living room with my friends and our dress-up box. I remember taking dance classes and singing in choirs when I was very young, so I suppose I’ve been performing since then. I started acting in my teens.

What kind of training did you do?

I attended Langley Fine Arts School for part of elementary school and all of high school. I majored in dance, and was very involved in the dance company and several choirs there, which flew to international festivals and mounted several shows per year. For my formal training, I went to Trinity Western University, where I first started studying singing. I became hooked on acting while there, graduating with a degree in Theatre from their excellent program.

If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be and why?

I would be a big, colorful bird so I could see the world and hopefully I’d be so elusive, they’d want to try and film me for a spot on a show like Planet Earth.

Wee Kaylee Harwood

What do you do to physically become so many different animals?  How are they all different?

We worked together with our director, choreographer and each other to create and fine-tune these animals and make them all different in voice and style of movement. Each one has a different way of standing, walking, speaking, and dancing but since we’ve worked on them in rehearsals for a good long time now, we can switch between them very quickly by using a specific gesture (like the scrunched-up squirrel nose or the hyper-arched bird back) to launch in.

Do you have a favourite character you play and why?

I love all the characters I get to play, and all the characters everyone else gets to play! We have so much fun as people-animals. This play reminds me that life isn’t as hard as we grown-ups make it out to be when you remember your friends and to have time with the people you love.

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