Behind the Scenes at The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe promotional photoshoot

          September 21st, 2017

          We took a field trip to photographer Tim Matheson’s studio to make some beautiful promotional images for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe last week. New marketing manager Chris Bentzen recorded some of the behind-the-scenes process of that afternoon. A few of the actors from the production, Sereana Malani, Tim Carlson, and Chris Lam, along with the costume designer Kiara Lawson, make-up artist Taylor Magill and director Carole Higgins, had a great time playing with our talented photographer. We’ll post photos from the shoot soon. 

          In this video:
          Sereana Malani as the White Witch
          Tim Carlson as Peter
          Chris Lam as Edmund
          Adele Noronha as Susan

          Costume Designer: Kiara Lawson
          Director: Carole Higgins
          Season Photographer: Tim Matheson
          Props Creator: Monica Emme
          Wig Stylist: Christine Hackman
          Make-up Artist: Taylor Magill
          Video: Chris Bentzen
          Music: Julie Casselman

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