BYOV Application!

          December 14th, 2012

          The Vancouver International Fringe Festival at Carousel Theatre’s BYOV

          Carousel Theatre is once again excited to be hosting 5 Fringe Festival artists in its 60 seat BYOV venue. Applications will be accepted from December 13th onwards.

          In order to apply, companies or individuals must send the follow:

          – A description of their show (up to 500 words).
          – A detailed list of all technical equipment that will be used during the show.
          – A list of all personnel that will be working on the show.
          – A copy of their set drawings.
          – A list of any words that might be considered controversial

          Some important things to note:

          All five companies share the same green room. Set and costumes must be able to fit into a square that is roughly 6 feet by 6 feet. Cast and crew should not exceed seven people.

          Carousel Theatre will provide the following:
          – Access to our house lighting hang. Companies will have 1 special, a warm wash and a cool wash.
          – Access to our sound system, which can play CDs and Mini disc.
          – a full time, in house technician who will be present at all tech rehearsals and performances.
          – access to our bar unit, which can be used in our lobby should any companies wish to run their own bar.

          Shows with extreme sexual references or a lot of strong language will not be considered.

          Please send your application is one attachment to dani@carouseltheatre no later than January 7, 2013.

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