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July 6th, 2011

Carousel Theatre presents the 2011 Teen Shakespeare Ensemble

Cast and crew getting into character.


Seamus Fera as Flavius/Servant to Caesar/Artemidorus/Plebian 1/Messala

Ava Receveur as Murullus/Publius/Plebian 2/Lucillius

Emma Lindsay as Carpenter/Trebonius/Plebian 3/Messenger

Isaac Li as Cobbler/Mettelus/Plebian 4/Titinius

Claire Stewart as Commoner 1/Decius/Plebian 5/Pindarus/Strato

Sophie Chappell as Commoner 2/Cinna/Octavius

Shayna Linds as Commoner 3/Cicero/Ligarus/Popilius/Cinna the Poet/Cato

Lukey McAndless-Davis as Caesar

Sofia Bunting Newman as Antony

Brittany Mrsic as Calpurnia/Lepidus

Kane Tone as Brutus

Lara Aippersbach as Cassius

Luke Morison as Casca/First Soldier to Antony’s Army

Nikki Read as Soothsayer/Servant to Antony’s Army/Poet/Second Soldier

Sara Merner as Lucius/Servant to Antony

Hannah Siden as Portia/Servant to Octavius

(Bios coming soon!)

– Andrea

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