2016/2017 Season

Sultans of the Street Family Activity Guide

We are thrilled that you have decided to bring your family to Sultans of the Street!  We hope the activities and resources on this page will be helpful to you before and after your adventure to the theatre. This guide includes a companion reading list, a kite-making craft, a recipe […]

Make Your Own: Pao-Bhaji

The Street Food of India India has a vibrant culture of street food, with vendors preparing all manner of meals and snacks from portable stands. In Sultans of the Street, the children interact with a street food vendor, the Pao-Bhaji Wallah, who is really a 700 year-old wise man. He […]

Make Your Own: Reclaimed Crafts

Reclaimed Trash to Treasure The children in Sultans of the Street, like many people living with very limited means, use discarded and found items to create the costumes they wear as beggars dressed as gods. See a collection of images selected by director Marcus Youssef showing inspiration for the design […]

Make Your Own: Festival Kite

Indian Kite Festivals January 14th is the festival of Uttarayan (also called Makar Sankranti), which celebrates the day when the sun starts to travel northward, marking the decline of winter. The holiday is widely celebrated throughout India with kite flying festivals. A large International Kite Festival takes place in the […]

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