Costume Corner- An Update by Emerging Artist Stephanie Kong

          November 8th, 2014

          Stephanie Kong's FaceBy Emerging Artist Stephanie Kong
          Stephanie is spending the 2014/15 Season as CTYP’s Costume Associate, a position made possible by the BC Arts Council’s Early Career Development Grant Program.

          Wow, 31 days just whizzed right on by.

          October was a rather calm month. I got some time to myself to sort out the costume shop just a little bit more, slowly but surely! I pulled a lot of my focus onto making this room more habitable for others to work in, not just me! First off was safety, putting together and posting all of the emergency contact info for any sort of emergency ever. Short of an alien invasion, but I suppose you could just call the cops, or the coast guard…?  And most importantly: Made sure the first aid kit was full of all the first aid things. Yay! Wasn’t the most riveting task but it was necessary, and honestly these details were something I never really thought about before.

          Puppeteer Costume for James and the Giant Peach

          Puppeteer Costume for James and the Giant Peach

          We also had our first stitcher in to work this month! It was great to have someone to help me out making all the puppeteer costumes for the cast and crew of James and the Giant Peach. It was also my first foray into supervisor/leadership/cutter mode at CTYP. I could get used to this. Exercising my technical cutting skills, being able to hand off the pieces that I cut to get sewn is a pretty awesome feeling. We also managed to fit and finish off all the of running crew costumes a week before the show starts rehearsal. Three more things crossed off my giant list!

          Near the end of the month I had a great meeting with Barb, our fearless designer, and Linda, our ever-talented head cutter. We talked through all the costumes being built when she starts with us mid November and everything is working out great. These crazy costumes of ours are getting better and better as the days go by, I’m getting more and more excited to start the largest part of our build and already can’t wait for everything to come together in December.

          Taking a step away from James and the Giant Peach for a moment, 
          I also spent Halloween day dressed like Wednesday Addams (sorry- no photo evidence) talking about Shakespearean Rhapsody. The next show CTYP is producing and the very first main stage CTYP I’ll be costume designing! But more on that in December 😉

          Into November we go! It’s going to be rad.

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