Costume Corner- An Update from Emerging Artist Stephanie Kong

          October 3rd, 2014

          Stephanie Kong's FaceBy Emerging Artist Stephanie Kong
          Stephanie is spending the 2014/15 Season as CTYP’s Costume Associate, a position made possible by the BC Arts Council’s Early Career Development Grant Program.

          Finally Home!
          And not a moment to lose! September has definitely been for me that phenomenon when the month seems to go ON forevvvvvvver, but then Sept 30th comes by and I’m going, “October?? already???” What fun this past month has been, I started off September shopping and sorting, two of my favourite things. With the renovation of the costume shop complete, I’ve kept busy moving back equipment and restocking all of our supplies. Now organizing a room is safe to say, right up my alley. But this time, I had to go beyond that.


          Organizing Time!

          It was my responsibility to put the room in order according to
          Carousel’s goal of making it an efficient, inspiring, and safe workspace for not just me, but for every person who will work in this space in the future. It’s been great to collaborate ideas about the flow of the room with others, to prioritize what we need to equip the room with, and to plan further improvements and additions that will be implemented the following year. It’s such a unique experience for someone in my position to see a department come from the ground -up, and an even more unique opportunity to be able to exercise the decision making skills of a manager, who has to think about both the present and future benefits of their department.

           James Under Construction

          Some of the Costumes that will be worn in James and the Giant Peach!

          When the costume shop was in a usable condition, James and the Giant Peach costumes and materials came flying in and The Ghost Train at Stanley Park costumes followed shortly after. I spent most of my time organizing James and the Giant Peach, building some costumes, making some labels, and searching through stock. Something that was new to me was searching for our talented team of stitchers to help build our Peachy show, it was more difficult than I anticipated! But a huge thank you to Jodi at UBC and Kirsten at Arts Club who have always been available to lend me advice, a helping hand, and many, many phone numbers. And thank you to Carole and Barb for being unwaveringly supportive as I learned through this process. I’m so excited for our super talented team to start in November!

          I spent a week in September helping out with Mortal Coil’s Ghost Train, a job that Carousel set up to send me out “into the world”, which was wonderfully “ghouly and gruesome” as I developed my fitting and alteration experience. Ghost Train is an ongoing project as I’m breaking in October with my gum boots, getting ready to spend a week in the park!

          As if I haven’t had enough to do, I’ve started a show of my own that I’m designing and building. Carousel has graciously donated time in the costume shop for my personal use to create the costumes for SHIFT Theatre’s very still & hard to see (#verystill), opening on Oct 21. Being able to work in this space for my own needs has been great for me to juggle everything that I’m doing, and provides an environment for me to push both my design and technical skills as I can accomplish much more in a workshop than in my living room. Added bonus: Carousel has also generously donated the use of their new rehearsal studio upstairs to SHIFT! Makes for me grabbing actors super easy 😀

          It’s been a pretty awesome past month, and a pretty exciting October to come. That Peach will keep on growing, Ghost Train is sure to open with a bang, and #verystill is a spooky Hallowe’en show you will not want to miss. Tickets at There guys, that’s my plug.

          My Desk.

          My Desk.

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