Costume Corner- Insects and More! An Update by Emerging Artist Stephanie Kong

          December 30th, 2014

          Stephanie Kong's FaceBy Emerging Artist Stephanie Kong
          Stephanie is spending the 2014/15 Season as CTYP’s Costume Associate, a position made possible by the BC Arts Council’s Early Career Development Grant Program.



          So it’s December already. I think I’m still catching my breath from November. Super busy! After an August full of meetings, a September full of more meetings with a dash of budgets, and an October of sewing all by my lonesome, all of a sudden November rolls around. Enter a bevy of cutters and seamstresses all of them almost tag teaming throughout the whole month. It was like Santa’s workshop in costume land. November was an absolute blast.

          There are few productions that I would ever say I’d like to relive, but the costume build for James and the Giant Peach was such a great experience I would gladly go for round two. We had such a fantastic team come in, and I’m so grateful for all of their hard work, attention to detail, and cheery dispositions. I was so sad to see them all go after opening! The cast was an absolute joy to work with, bringing with them such a lively and positive energy every time they came into fittings.

          CTYP James and the Giant Peach

          It wasn’t until near the end of this production process when I really realized how truly fantastic my team was, and how much I had come into my own. I’ve always identified with being an”emerging artist”, being not even a year out of school how could I not? But something I really appreciated from everyone I worked with was how I didn’t have to fight to be heard. Being a bit of a Miss Bossypants it was something that seemed so natural at the time, but looking back I’m like, “Wow, some of these people have been doing their jobs before I was born. Yet they still stopped to listen to my idea, or even ask for my opinion. Cool.” It’s seems like such a small thing but as someone who can easily brushed off as “young” and “inexperienced” I think that’s a huge testament to what kind of people I was surrounded with, the kind that really believe in fostering and harnessing new talent and that’s the kind of people I want to work with, and for.

          I really loved trying my hand at being a manager-type, and I like to believe I was pretty good at it! I recently talked to someone about my experience this past month and how smooth the costume build for James went and they’re immediate reply was “You know that was 90% you right?” I still have a little trouble believing that one, but one day, maybe!

          Stephanie and her fiance Nick.

          Stephanie and her Fiance Nick.

          Right now I’m spending all my time designing CTYP’s next show Shakespearean Rhapsody. I’m excited for what this new show will bring and finding out how I will handle wearing the two hats of costume admin/manager and costume designer. I feel those roles together are so common with many theatre companies in Vancouver it’s best to practice now!

          That’s it for now! Happy Holidays!

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