Costume Corner- Let’s Get That Peach Rolling!

          September 5th, 2014

          Stephanie Kong's FaceBy Emerging Artist Stephanie Kong
          Stephanie is spending the 2014/15 Season as CTYP’s Costume Associate, a position made possible by the BC Arts Council’s Early Career Development Grant Program.

          Cookie Monster Costume

          Cookie Monster Costume

          Exciting times happening at CTYP this past month!
          For two weeks I spent my time wading through bins of fabric, pulling out whatever looked cool and making costumes for Theatre School! I felt like an evil genius pulling bits and bobs of materials and making monsters, kings, witches, knights, and even a wizard or two. Most importantly, I made some pirate gear in honour of Pirate Pak Day. My job is awesome.


          Aside from playing 5 year old dress up, I spent the greater part of this month with my grown up pants on. CTYP sent me off to my ActSafe First Aid course, which was a great refresher and full of new information. Safety first! I also have been working with Jodi, Barb, Carole (Budget Consultant, Designer, Director respectively) to figure out the nitty gritty of James and the Giant Peach (Dec 6th 2014 – Jan 4th 2015). How much money? How many shirts? How many shoes? How many quick changes? How many characters? How many actors? How much money again? How many staff? I’m sorry, how much money again? Talk about a learning curve. Now I’ve always been analytical. I pride myself on getting past the excitement and down to the facts. But wow. To the people that have been doing this kind of work on the daily, I tip my ridiculous, feathered hat to you. Y’all made of some tough stuff.

          Costume Meeting

          Stephanie, Jodi and Barb working with the design sketches for James and the Giant Peach


          Stephanie Kong Creation!

          Stephanie Kong Creation!

          When I wasn’t learning about wardrobe administration, CTYP also gave me some time off to go back to my old haunting grounds at UBC where I was able to further practice the skills I had already learned there in four years. I helped prep the material for the costume construction classes. My tasks basically consisted of adjusting patterns for three different styles of an 1830’s gown, and making one using the classroom instructions to make sure they make sense. I spent most of the summer running around yelling “Yay! I’m not a student anymore!” only to go back to UBC, to pretend to think like a first year undergrad. Karma. The 1830’s is a period I haven’t had a lot of first hand experience with before, that gown was an utter joy to make (and I think looks pretty good to boot).

          After my past week at UBC, I’m charging right back into James and the Giant Peach, and the prep for the brand new and improved costume shop! Prep more or less includes: Shopping for supplies (which I love), organizing (which I also love), and furnishing the entire room (♥♥♥). Forget December, this is MY Christmas!

          With everything that’s happened, happening, and aside from my brain sometimes going “AHHHHHHH!!!!” this is all really exciting! The stakes, and the expectations, are so high for James and the Giant Peach- I look forward to the learning, and I look forward to the challenge. This month more than ever, has reminded me of the many people I am lucky to call my mentors. These people, full of endless support and knowledge, have taught me everything I know, and have instilled in me the thirst for the knowledge I have yet to obtain. To those people and CTYP, thank you for your generosity, your unwavering trust, and the opportunity you’ve given me- to play. – Stephanie Kong

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