Costume Parade Sneak Peak

          July 27th, 2011

          Costume Parade day at Carousel! This is a chance for the director and costume designer to get together and ‘iron out’ all the details (and the actors get to play in their costumes for awhile)!

          I snapped some pics along the way — have a look, this may be the only time you’ll get to see these before the show opens (Friday!)

          Original costume design for 'Flavius' with the real-life version, Seamus Fera (AD Carole Higgins and Costume Designer Vanessa Imeson make adjustments)

          Serious Caesar (Luke McAndless-Davis) and the Crazy Carpenter (Emma Lindsay)

          Soothsayer Nikki & Original Vanessa Imeson costume design

          Vanessa adjusting Calpurnia's garb — worn beautifully by Brittany Mrsic

          The Three Villagers — Sara, Shayna & Claire

          Enjoying the feel of the 1940s — Claire, Isaac, Sofia & Sara

          — Andrea

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