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ts-is4-floor-playAt Carousel Theatre for Young People, we are dedicated to fostering a positive, engaging learning environment for young students of drama. A theatre education gives children of all ages—from our 3-year-old dress-up aficionados to our pre-professional Teen Shakespeare company—the opportunity to showcase their passions, perspectives, and quirks. With the support of our professional faculty of drama educators, students develop confidence, teamwork, communication skills, independence, self-expression, and everything it takes to “say yes” and be anything.



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  • Small class sizes and a low student-to-teacher ratio gives students individual attention and care
  • All experience levels welcome – it’s never too late to start something new!
  • We’re dedicated to fostering a positive, encouraging, and low-pressure atmosphere
  • Our concentrated age ranges allow students a comfortable learning environment with their peers, with classes and exercises specially developed for their age
  • Our experienced faculty are not only incredibly talented instructors, but professional actors who work and play in theatre, film and television

CTYP’s drama school began in 1976; over the last 30 years we are proud to have played a role in providing young people with a place to play, create and dream. Young people have incredible, vivid imaginations. Drama classes provide a wonderful opportunity for children of any age to explore sharing their imaginations while building confidence and learning essential skills that will serve them not only as an actor, but as a person. We are constantly amazed and inspired to witness the wonderful, positive impact that drama education has on a young person’s development.  At Carousel Theatre for Young People, our drama school is a core part of our mission as we seek to provide experiences that inspire, involve and educate.”

– Carole Higgins, CTYP Artistic Director


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CTYP is committed to offering small class sizes and focused age ranges that allow students to play and work with their peers in a supportive environment. Our faculty strives to create dynamic, engaging classes for students of all experience levels.


3-8 year olds: Get introduced to the explosive fun of theatre! Enter into the worlds of storytelling and make-believe.  Build communication skills and teamwork.

9-12 year olds: Dig into the nuts and bolts of what acting is. Learn to make bold choices, develop strong characters, and react spontaneously.

13-17 year olds: Understand, develop, and refine your personal acting process. Classes offer opportunities to delve deep into character development, scene study, and self-reflection.


Four Pillars

At all age levels, CTYP classes use games and exercises that draw from one or more of the following pillars 


We foster unfettered creativity and imagination.


We harness all the energy young artists have and help them focus it on a constructive objective


We help young actors learn how to lower defenses and connect with the people and world around them


We develop ways to simply and clearly share your Self with the world

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Give the Gift of a Drama Class 

Give the gift of creative play! Drama school classes are a wonderful introduction to theatre! You can give a drama school class this holiday season with a Gift Certificate. Gift Certificates can be redeemed toward drama school tuition as well as tickets to plays. Learn More

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