About Drama School


“CTYP’s drama school began in 1981; over the last 30 years we are proud to have played a role in providing young people with a place to play, create and dream. Young people have incredible, vivdrama-32id imaginations. Drama classes provide a wonderful opportunity for children of any age to explore sharing their imaginations while building confidence and learning essential skills that will serve them not only as an actor, but as a person. We are constantly amazed and inspired to witness the wonderful, positive impact that drama education has on a young person’s development.  At Carousel Theatre for Young People, our drama school is a core part of our mission as we seek to provide experiences that inspire, involve and educate.”

Carole Higgins, CTYP Artistic Director


5 Top Reasons to enroll your child in a Drama Class

Drama helps children in both life and learning. It increases their understanding of the world they live in, while it works to develop personal skills that will help them achieve success throughout their lives. 

  1. Boosts language development
  2. Helps develop social interaction skills
  3. Provides safe ways to relieve emotional tensions
  4. Teaches empathy 
  5. Supports literacy

5 Reasons to choose a CTYP Drama Class

  1. Learn From The Best!
    We are an award-winning professional theatre company -we’ve been around for over 40 years and are ranked as one of Canada’s top Children’s Theatre companies. Our students will have access to behind-the-scenes information about our on-going productions and get to learn from professional actors who’ve been on our stages .
  2. High Teacher-To-Student Ratio!
    We keep our class sizes small (maximum 12 students per class with two instructors) so we can ensure that each of our students receives individual attention and care.
  3.  This Isn’t Our First Rodeo!
    We’ve been running our drama school for over 20 years and so we’ve pretty much seen it all. Our instructors are experienced with all experience levels and comfort zones. We can challenge your budding actor and help your shrinking violet come out of their shell. 
  4.  Age Before Beauty!
    We put the individual needs of our students first and foremost at CTYP. That means that we keep each of our classes within a narrow age range so that our students can have developmentally appropriate activities and goals that gradually change as they age. We don’t want our students to get frustrated at something they are not ready for but we draw upon all the skills our students do have to build pieces that they can all be proud of.
  5. Location, Location, Location!
    Whether you’re dropping off or picking up, Granville Island is the perfect place to pass some quality time. Grab a carefully crafted coffee or beautifully baked treat while perusing all that Vancouver’s artisans have to offer. If you’re looking for some serenity while the kids are occupied then a stroll along the seawall is ideal.

A Snapshot of what we do

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3-8 year olds: Get introduced to the explosive fun of theatre! Enter into the worlds of storytelling and make-believe.  Build communication skills and teamwork.

9-12 year olds: Dig into the nuts and bolts of what acting is. Learn to make bold choices, develop strong characters, and react spontaneously.

13-17 year olds: Understand, develop, and refine your personal acting process. Classes offer opportunities to delve deep into character development, scene study, and self-reflection.










Give the Gift of Drama!

Give the gift that will last a lifetime! Our Drama classes are fun, energetic and a great opportunity to build new friendships. Gift Certificates can be redeemed toward drama school tuition as well as tickets to plays.



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