“Et tu, Brute?” TSP presents

June 30th, 2011

Welcome to another great season of Teen Shakespeare! We are SO proud to present a classic tale with a modern spin:

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This summer, Tony Soprano meets the Bard. We are bringing this classic tale of ambition and betrayal to the dark, thrilling, and sometimes volatile world of a mob family drama.

Excited? Before we go any further, let me introduce myself — my name is Andrea Houssin and I am the Marketing & Audience Services Coordinator for the 2011 Teen Shakespeare Production of Julius Caesar. Part of my job is to keep you informed, via this blog, Twitter @CarouselTheatre, facebook, etc. on the daily goings-on as we prepare to bring this exciting production to fruition. So keep reading, and leave comments!

In our production, Caesar’s prolific rise and fall from power takes on a post-war American spin — where power-hungry mafia families wheel and deal and protect their own, where the “family business” is paramount. Julius Caesar is a Don Corleone in his own right. The people love him, and want him to be King. But honourable Republican Marcus Brutus and jealous Cassius have other plans. These classically-speaking,  sword-wielding mobsters will be thrilling to watch. It’s a captivating battle for power — Shakespeare style!

For those of you unfamiliar with the play, or if you’re a parent curious about content, we’ll have a link to a full synopsis on our website (coming soon!) to get you started.

Mafia families are a great source of interest — many great films feature mafia/crime bosses and are worth a watch — Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Goodfellas, Snatch, Casino, Miller’s Crossing, and of course, The Godfather. These stories captivate us. Although the rise and fall of Kings is exciting to watch (let’s be honest, we all experience a little schadenfreude), at the heart of the story are basic human themes like love, family, honour and tradition. Shakespeare wrote Julius Caesar centuries ago in England, and his characters struggle with the same issues. The quest for power, and the balance between honour, ambition, fairness, and friendship.


Did you know?   Marlon Brando played Caesar’s loyal friend Antony in the 1953 film version of Julius Caesar, as well as The Don in Frances Ford Coppola’s The Godfather trilogy, at the bookends of this career. A fun TSP fact, and running theme, perhaps?

Not Ben Hur.

The Don

"I rather tell thee what is to be fear'd than what I fear; for always I am Caesar. But come, speak to me in this ear for that one is deaf."


News from the Office

The talented teen actors will be crashing our doors in under a week and we are holding onto our hats and preparing like crazy! Day 1 is Monday, where we will meet and greet, hear the design presentation, as well as hold the – eeek! – oh so nerve-wracking Auditions, with a full cast list posted on Tuesday. In Shakespearean times, only men were allowed on stage. Rumour has it, in this modern production, a few key male roles will be played by women, so we’ll have our revenge yet! But you’ll have to wait to find out who…

TSP Family Business

Back for its 21st summer, the Teen Shakespeare Program  gathers up-and-coming teen actors from across Metro Vancouver (by audition only) to work with esteemed instructors Carole Higgins (Head Instructor), Allan Zinyk (Assistant Instructor), and Joshua Reynolds (Assistant Instructor). This ambitious bunch is led through a 4 week rehearsal process, culminating in an outdoor production performed on Granville Island, free to the public. The TSP instructors work to create a professional theatre setting in which to feature gifted young artists.

TSP’s Julius Caesar runs:

JULY 29 – AUGUST 13, 2011
At Performance Works Outdoor Stage
1218 Cartwright Street
(on Granville Island)

Starring Lara Aippersbach, Sophie Chappell, Seamus Fera, Isaac Li, Shayna Linds, Emma Lindsay, Luke McAndless-Davis, Sara Merner, Luke Morison, Brittany Mrsic, Sofia Newman, Nikki Read, Ava Receveur, Hannah Siden, Claire Stewart, and Kane Tone — all between 13 and 17 years of age.

Instructors Carole Higgins (Head Instructor), Allan Zinyk (Assistant Instructor), and Josh Reynolds (Assistant Instructor)

Costume Design Vanessa L. Imeson

Set/Lighting Design Ian Schimpf

Sound Design Anais West

Stage Management Michael Gunion

FREE for the whole family! Advance Reservations are now available for $5/seat.

All ages, but keep in mind the subject matter of the production.

Outdoors at Performance Works — Arrive early, dress warmly, and bring a blanket.

For more information, please call us at 604.669.3410

Thanks for reading.

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