Get Inspired: Vancouver Mural Festival

          August 20th, 2016

          Get inspired with the first annual Vancouver Mural Festival! You may have already noticed signs of the public art festival around town – scaffolding, ladders, some high-flying balloons (to help you find murals), and, of course, big splashes of paint. The work has been long under way, but Saturday, August 20 is the official day to celebrate a whole roster of new public art in Vancouver.

          The beauty of public art is just that – it is out there, right there, waiting to be enjoyed. At CTYP, we believe that fostering a love of the arts in children means finding a love of the arts in everything we do. And sometimes that means going out and finding it – and in the process, learning something new about our city and the communities that make it special.

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          Street Art with Kids

          A walking or cycling tour of street art in Vancouver is a great way for the family to get to know the city or re-discover parts of the city in new ways. When you go out looking for something, you start to see even familiar streets in new ways.

          Compare the murals you see with before pictures of the space. What’s changed? How does it affect the building, the surrounding area? How does make you feel to see art when walking down the street?

          After you’ve been inspired by all the incredible new murals, set that creativity loose! Use sidewalk chalk and environmentally-friendly paint to create your own murals on sidewalks.

          And if you’re ready to a commit to a Big Project (or just want to spend some time daydreaming about one) design a mural for one of the walls in your home!

          On Saturday, August 20, the Vancouver Mural Festival is showcasing new public mural art from primarily local artists in Mount Pleasant and around False Creek. From 12-7pm, take in art, music, public markets and interactive art exhibits. Visit for more information or click here to go straight to the map.

          And if you can’t make the celebration tomorrow, don’t worry – the murals will be up for a long time to come! 

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