Hello from Carousel’s Little John!

November 17th, 2009

We wanted to hear from some of the actors involved with The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. Why? Because they sound like they’re having so much fun in the rehearsal hall. We office folk sit at our desks, looking longingly out the door as we hear the luaghter, and the ting-ting-ting of the sword fight rehearsals.

So, in order to get a taste of what was happening in the RH rehearsals, we’ve asked some of our actors about it.

First up- Joshua Reynolds! He is the Fight Director (which means he comes up with all the awesome-and safe!- stage fights) and he plays the not-so-little Little John.

Actor and Fight Director Joshua Reynolds

CT:  What can you tell us about the stage fights in Robin Hood?

Joshua:  It is very exciting to direct the fights in a play like Robin Hood because the story  and the characters are so iconic.  For example the staff fight between Robin Hood and Little John is something that everyone remembers.  I wanted to be able to create what is in people’s heads, but also add a surprising twist to take it to another level.  Another important element to the fights are to have as much action as possible and involve up to 10 actors, while still telling the story.  We have swords swinging, fists flying and as many foreign objects as you can imagine, but in the end, the fights are there to enhance the play, keep the story moving, and have a lot of fun doing it.

CT: As an actor in the show- what’s the best part of being involved with this production?

The best part of being involved with this production is the opportunity to play a character that I remember being in awe of as a child.  When I was a kid, Little John was the guy who I wanted to be.  I never wanted to be Robin Hood.  I was always bigger than all the other kids, so to me Little John was the hero because it showed that you could be big, strong, and righteous all at the same time.  Sure Robin had his bow and arrows, but all Little John needed was a staff made from a big tree branch.  Now that’s cool!


Robin Hood (Lawrence Haegert) and Little John (Joshua Reynolds) get into a tiff. Photo by Tim Matheson. Carousel Theatre, 2009

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