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October 5th, 2009






Do you have any little Robert Munsch fans in your house? Then you’ll want to check out the great contest Carousel Theatre is running on yoyomama this week. We’re giving away a family package of four tickets to Love You Forever…and More Munsch!


Carousel Theatre has a Family Package of 4 (four) tickets to give away for a 7pm performance of Love You Forever… and More Munsch on October 16th or 17th, 2009. What do you need to do to win? Have a peek at Carousel Theatre’s website (www.carouseltheatre.ca), or their new Blog and leave a comment on their blog (www.carouseltheatre.wordpress.com) about what you love best about their programming and their mandate to bring live theatre to children and families. Oh and you can follow them on twitter (www.twitter.com/CarouselTheatre)!

16 Responses to Hello to our friends from yoyomama!

  1. This is an exciting contest. I think it would be such a good family time to go and see some live theatre with children. Have them understand there is more to entertainment than the T.V. Also, Robert Munsch is such fun reading that it is sure to be a hit among the little fans (and parents!).

  2. I remember seeing theatre as a child and, although I didn’t appreciate it as much then as I do now, it was a great introduction to the mesmerizing world of live theatre. I love the classic children’s programs put on by Carousl. Excellent work!

  3. What a fantastic line-up! There are few opportunities for families to enjoy live theatre, especially with very young children – great job, Carousel! I love that the productions are based on easily accessible, familiar children’s literature.

  4. We have loads of Munsch books and our daughter loves reading them. She even acted out Love You Forever with her drama class. Seeing it in a family friendly environment would be a fabulous literary/cultural experience!

  5. Live theatre is so much fun for kids! And what a great way to get them loving the Arts at a young age!

  6. My family loves Robert Munsch books. They are so fun and full of live. We also love live theatre. With Carousel doing a show based on Robert Munsch books, it’s sure to be a HUGE sucess ‘coz it’ll be engaging and captive. All members of the family will surely enjoy the great experience.

  7. Our family and my class (I teach grade 2/3) LOVE Munsch books. I was also impressed by the wide age range that you cater to with your theatre ranging from fun children’s authors to MacBeth.

  8. who says theatre is just for grown-ups?? how great to have live theatre for kids! what a wonderful way to foster creativity, imagination and the love of the arts!

  9. My 3 year old loves Robert Munsch stories and can’t seem to get enough of them. I love that Carousel is able to bring these stories to life so that my daughter can have an even more exciting and memorable experience. Live theatre is such a wonderful gift to give to anyone.

  10. My family loves Robert Munsch. Bringing his books to life via live theatre is wonderful. Families are so fortunate to have Carousel Theatre around to broaden children’s horizons.

  11. I am thrilled that Carousel is creating live versions of Munsch. My daughter reads them voraciously. She has never been to a Carousel production; what a great way this would be to introduce her to live theatre!!!

  12. I love Robert Munsch and I love going to the theatre (usually just with adults) so I love that you’ve combined them! This sounds like such a great show… I would love to win tickets to come see it!

  13. Robert Munsch appeals to boys ( which may seem to be obvious) but as a teacher and a parent of two young boys, I recognize the importance of getting boys interested in books and then by performances such as this, getting them interested in theatre. It is truly, one of the unique gifts that Carousel theatre brings to our kids. I can remember ( having been so lucky as to grow up in Kitsilano in the 70’s and 80’s), being able to see live theatre with my class almost every year. Sadly, with cutbacks many teachers are no longer able to take students to these performances and it really is up to parents to expose their children to live theatre. Thank you for your continued commitment to the arts and to the next generation of artists.

  14. I love the fact that Carousel is dedicated to introducing theatre to children. My son is an absolute Munsch munchkin, and with funds being so tight this year, it would be such a treat to take him!

  15. I know Carousel is a great organization. They really know their audience and deliver all the time. My boy is just the right age to start appreciating live theater. And he loves Robert Munch stories. Thank you for your dedication to the amazing art of entertaining and teaching children how important art is!

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