James and the Giant Peach Companion Reading

          November 27th, 2015

          If you and your child enjoy reading ahead or are left wanting more after the show, our friends from the Vancouver Public Library have prepared a list of companion reading to enjoy before or after seeing James and the Giant Peach!

          The books on this list are about kids going on adventures, sometimes with the help of strange and wonderful creatures. Many of these books are about orphans who overcome obstacles and some of them even end up in the sky like James.


          Flora and UlyssesFlora and Ulysses / Kate DiCamillo
          When Flora (who loves comic books and hates romance) saves a squirrel from a rogue vacuum cleaner, she discovers that he is no ordinary squirrel. Together Flora and Ulysses go on adventures, track down a villain and become great friends.


          Mr. and Mrs. Bunny – Detectives Extraordinaire / Polly Horvath
          Madeline, who lives on Hornby Island, doesn’t know what do when her parents go missing from the island’s Luminara festival. When Madeline has no one else to turn to, Mr. and Mrs. Bunny, decide to take on her case.



          WildwoodWildwood / Colin Meloy
          When her little brother is taken off by a murder of crows, Prue must leave her home in Portland and travel into the Impassable Wilderness to save him. In the woods, Prue discovers a whole world of talking animals, a Bandit King and a friend from home.


          The Several Lives of Orphan Jack / Sarah Ellis
          When Otherjack hears that he is going to become a bookkeeper’s apprentice, he can barely contain his excitement. Jack loves books and he loves words even more. When this opportunity doesn’t turn out to be what he was expecting, Otherjack sets offwith only some clothes and a dictionary to begin his new life of adventure.


          Apothecary / Maile Meloy
          Although this story is recommended for a slightly older reader, like James and the Giant Peach, it is a tale of adventure and magic and makes a wonderful readaloud. In 1952 Janie Scott has just moved from Los Angeles to London when she and her new friend Benjamin must find Benjamin’s father and keep an ancient and magical book from getting into the wrong hands.


          Lisel and PoLiesl and Po / Lauren Oliver
          Liesl’s stepmother has kept her locked up in the attic for months. She has only the birds outside her window and her drawings to keep her company. That all changes one day when Po, a friendly ghost from the other side, appears in the attic. Po helps Liesl break free and with the assistance of an alchemists apprentice they make a treacherous journey and come across some extraordinarily powerful magic.



          List Kindly Supplied by the Children’s Library, Vancouver Public Library, 2015

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