Make Your Mark Turns 10 (Days Old)!

          July 21st, 2014

          We are now just 10 short days into our Make Your Mark campaign and thanks to our incredible, generous donors we are already at 29% of our fundraising goal! Woohoo!

          CTYP’s Founding Artistic Director, Elizabeth Ball, kicked off our campaign with a very generous contribution. Elizabeth spearheaded the 1996 renovation of our facility, and we are excited to continue to build upon her great legacy. 

          Founding Artistic Director Elizabeth Ball stops by with a generous donation! (L-R Managing Director Aliyah Amarshi, Founding Artistic Director Elizabeth Ball, Artistic Director Carole Higgins)


          Your donations are already hard at work with our renovation team and have created an extension to our costume and production room. This is going to change the face of the theatre and arts community in town!

          Our Costume Designer, Barbara Clayden, had this to say about the costume shop renovations:

          “I’m so excited about the new improved costume/production space at Carousel! It always gets a little cramped when we have a few stitchers working away AND a fitting in the costume shop at the same time… I am looking forward to the expanded space and that extra bit of room so no toes get stepped on! Carousel has also generously offered the space to the theatre community to rent during their ‘down’ time, so I can look forward to using it for other shows too.”

          Yup, that’s right: these renovations aren’t just going to help Carousel Theatre for Young People, they are also going to become a community space for other theatre companies and arts groups to use for their own productions. Click here to see more renovation progress photos!

          Join us and Make Your Mark on local theatre today!

          The Make Your Mark campaign is an effort to activate 100 donors to donate $100.00 in 100 days in order to support our expansion project. The campaign runs from July 11th – October 18th, 2014.

          100 donors.

          100 dollars.

          100 days.

          Every person who donates $100 will receive a tile for you and your family to decorate. This tile will be permanently fixed to the wall in the Carousel Theatre for Young People lobby! We will even be hosting a tile decorating party on October 19th, 2014 in our newly renovated space where donors can also get a tour of our new facilities!

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