Make Your Own: Jungle Book Mask

  • Make Your Own: Jungle Book Mask
  • Make Your Own: Jungle Book Mask
  • Make Your Own: Jungle Book Mask
  • Make Your Own: Jungle Book Mask
April 5th, 2016

I’m a theatre educator and a parent, so one of my favourite rainy day activities is mask-making. Sometimes I even let the kids make one with me! I love that mask-making combines a craft project with drama activity.

For this project, I enlisted my 9 year-old son, Lucas, who is looking forward to seeing The Jungle Book come to life onstage. First, we talked about how in this production of The Jungle Book, the action will start on a school playground that turns into a jungle. I asked him what he thought his school playground/family might be if it were another world. He saw himself and his friends as animals in a beachy sort of forest (I guess all those walks along Spanish Banks and Pacific Spirit paid off!) and himself as a turtle. I decided our family would be a merry band of adventurers, and I would be a brave Warrior Queen.

We were having such a grand old time that 5 year-old Jasper wanted to join in. As our #1 Go, Dog. Go! fan, Jasper decided to make his mask a colourful dog. When he saw me working on my mask’s crown, he decided his dog should be a king dog!


Make Your Own Jungle Book Mask

suppliesHere are the supplies you will need:

  • Paper plate
  • Scissors and/or exacto blade
  • Staples and stapler
  • Glue and/or tape
  • Coloured paper, markers, paint, felt, glitter, pipe cleaners, macaroni, foil, buttons, wrapping paper, ribbons, and any other decorations you want to use. Raid those unused craft supplies!



Cut eye holes in the plate using scissors or an exacto bladeStep 1:

Cut the paper plate in half and cut out eye holes as shown here. Eye holes are easiest to cut with an Exacto knife, so this might be a good job for the adult in the room. Punch holes on both sides for ribbon or elastic band ties to put it on later (you can also staple your ties to the sides).







Step 2:

Decorate to your heart’s content!

Keep in mind that heavier beads and macaroni may make the mask a little harder to balance on the face, and you’ll want to make sure that all glue has a chance to dry thoroughly.

both working


Personally, I allow glitter only under strictly supervised, laboratory-like conditions, but added sparkle makes masks even more beautiful. Apply at your own risk!

Here is a great technique for making protruding noses if your design could use one.

Use coloured paper to create a big Wild Thing shnozz

 Then tape or glue to your mask.


mom and lucas in mask

Send photos of your mask creation to and we’ll feature them on this page!

–  Jessica Gutteridge, Education Manager

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