Make Your Own: Where the Wild Things Are Mask

          September 11th, 2015

          Where the Wild Things Are is a highly interactive performance. During the show, you’ll have the chance to use masks to play along as the Wild Things. We supply the masks used in the play, however, you can make your own mask to use before and after your visit to the theatre!

          You can make your mask out of halved paper plates, held on with an elastic band stapled to the plate. Try to keep the mouth exposed so you can gnash your teeth and roar!

          Finished masks!


          Cut eye holes in the plate using scissors or an exacto blade

          You will need:

          Paper plate
          Scissors and/or exacto blade
          Staples and stapler
          Glue and/or tape
          Coloured paper, markers, paint, felt, glitter, pipe cleaners, macaroni, gold filigree, buttons, and any other decorations you want to use!

          Step 1:

          An adult will cut out the paper plate in half and cut out eye holes.

          Depending on what kind of plate you have, cutting eye holes can be kind of difficult — don’t worry if it’s not perfect! We can cover up any rough edges with our decorations!


          Use coloured paper to create a big Wild Thing shnozzStep 2:

          Cut an elastic band in half and staple the ends to the sides of the back of the mask. Check if the mask fits comfortably before going to the next step.


          Step 3:

          Decorate the mask to create your own Wild Thing!

          I wanted my Wild Thing to have a big schnozz, so I made a “3D” nose out of coloured paper.

          The Wild Things aren’t like anything you’ve ever seen before: do they have ears like a rabbit? Or scales like a fish? Mine has a furry mane and a big blue nose. What does yours look like?

          Send photos of your Wild Thing to and we’ll feature them on this page!


          Finished mask! Ta daaa

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