Meet The Tempest Cast & Crew! Episode 1 with Seamus Fera and Ella Dubé

          July 3rd, 2012

          As we begin rehearsals for the Teen Shakespeare Program’s Production of The Tempest, we’d like you to get to know our cast of talented young thespians! Every week, we’ll be introducing you to several members of the company and the elements that make their lives magical.

           First up are Seamus Fera, who will be playing Prospero, and Ella Dube, who will be  playing a multitude of roles: Adrian/Mariner/Sycorax/Juno/Spirit/Dog Spirit.

          Seamus Fera:

          1)      My Family: Coming from a huge Family, one side Irish/Italian with a billion family gathering and the other side British with fourteen grandchildren, familia is a huge part of my life. With out the chaos and the craziness that my family gives off, so much of my inspiration for my work would not be existent.

          Seamus with his mother and sister

          2)      Words: I LOVE THEM so much! From having read the whole Shakespeare canon twice and writing two of my own plays (OZ: The Dark Side of the Rainbow and Genesis: Genesis) words are one of the driving forces of my life. That’s why I love theatre so much. My favorite plays being King John and The History Boys.

          Seamus in TSP’s production of The Taming of the Shrew in 2010

          3)      Leadership: I am a lovely…but… I am bossy and like to be in charge.

          Seamus participating in the Arts Club’s LEAP Playwriting Intensive for Teen Writers

          4)      Friends: The provide us with the best and the worst of times and without them the world doesn’t move around. TSP has been a great bank where I have been able to fish out friends and build some amazing memories.

          Ella Dubé:

          1)      Acting: Naturally I am very shy, but when I go onstage I lose myself in the character I am portraying.

          Ella and pals

          2)      My friends and family: They always support me in everything that I do. I wouldn’t be who I am without their support and love.

          Ella and her family

          3)      Fashion: I couldn’t live without my clothes they are my life. I take an hour every morning just to pick the right outfit. And change every time I go out.

          Ella Dubé as Principal Vale in Apostrophes

          4)      Photography: Now this is really one of my passions! I don’t actually have a camera so all of my photos are either taken by my phone or my laptop. I will be taking a photography course next year in school, then I will finally get a camera!

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