Meet The Tempest Cast & Crew! Episode 2 with Sofia Newman and J. S. Gilbert

          July 4th, 2012

          Introducing the next two members of our Teen Shakespeare Company for The Tempest! Sofia Newman, a four-summer veteran of TSP, will be playing Trinculo and newcomer J. S. Gilbert will be playing Alonso.

          Sofia Newman:     

          1)      Music is an enormous part of my life.  I’m the one you hear belting in the shower or playing on my drum kit until the early hours of the morning.  I wouldn’t be able to live without music, and I don’t want to live without contributing to the world of music in some way.

          Sofia in costume for a UBCLipDub

          2)      Theatre: As both my parents are actors, I have been drawn to the stage from a very young age.  I’ve always known that my place was on it, and I can only hope that my life will be full of theatrical opportunities as amazing as the ones I’ve experienced so far!

          Sofia and Jesse DeCoste in Salt-Water Moon, directed by her dad, Richard Newman

          3)      Reading/Writing: In my opinion, there are few things better than being curled up with a good book…Unless you’re writing one yourself.  Being transported into an author’s world is great, but creating your own is even better!

          Sofia as Mark Antony in Teen Shakespeare’s production of Julius Caesar, 2011.

          4)      Ernie: Ernesto Maxwell Perry Newman, or Ernie, is my seven-year-old cat.  He is rather chubby, but that just means that there’s more of him to cuddle, especially when he lies down on his back with all four paws in the air.

          J. S. Gilbert:

          1)      Music is a large part of my life, basically because I listen to it whenever I can, therefore, I listen to it almost all the time.

          2)      Entertainment (music, books, TV etc…): I’m human. And get distracted/bored easily.

          3)      Oxygen: I’d be dead and could not do theatre without it.

          4)      Food: I’d be dead without it, and it’s delicious; most of the time.


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