Meet The Tempest Cast & Crew! Episode 3 with Luke McAndless-Davis and Sophie Chappell

          July 6th, 2012

          Next up in our Tempest cast are two teens you may recognize from last year’s production: Luke McAndless-Davis and Sophie Chappell. Luke will be playing Stephano and Sophie will be part of our chorus of elemental Ariels as Ariel Fire.

          Luke McAndless-Davis:

          1)      Acting is the driving passion of my life! It is why I have been in the Teen Shakespeare Program for three years, performed in numerous productions including That Night Follows Day (Theatre Replacement), Grease (School’s Out Productions), and You Still Can’t (Pacific Theatre), started singing and piano lessons, first tried out dance, competed in the Canadian Improv Games, and is also the way in which I met most of my closest friends! This is why I intend to go to theatre school after I graduate so I can continue to learn and grow!

          Luke in the Teen Shakespeare Program's production of Julius Caesar, 2011

          2)      Singing: Since I grew up in the churches my parents were ministers of, I have been singing for most of my life! There was a truly unfortunate period of time in which my so called “puberty voice” made singing very difficult but that is all over now! I currently sing in four choirs: the Coastal Sound Youth Choir, my school’s chamber and vocal jazz choirs, and the Kansona Summer Choir! On top of all that, I can frequently be found singing in the shower, the kitchen, the rehearsal hall, my parent’s car, the shower (included twice due to frequency!) and wherever I can! I particularly love singing modern classical music, musicals (especially Wicked, Rent, and Jesus Christ Superstar), Jazz, and anything in a different language or style!

          Luke singing with one of his choirs


          3)      Books: I love books with a burning passion! I especially love reading classics, fantasies, history books, and anything which makes me laugh, cry, think, or, preferably, all of the above! My favourite books of all time include (but are certainly not limited to) the Harry Potter Series, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, The Keys to the Kingdom, Cherub, I’ll Love You Forever, The Inheritance Cycle, and the plays Waiting for Godot, The Importance of Being Ernest, Equus, and A Streetcar Named Desire.

          4)      Friends and Family: It goes without saying that the most important element that makes my life magical is my friends and family. These people are the rock in my life and I do not know what I would do without any of them. From messing around in various rehearsals, to comforting me in times of trouble, to laughing until it hurts, my friends have always been there for me with a hug or a laugh! From homeschooling me for four years, to supporting me in every choice and struggle, to always doing what is best for me, even when I don’t know it yet, my family has been the foundation my entire life is based around and I could not ask for a better one!

          Luke and his friends at their graduation party


          Sophie Chappell:

          1)        Acting: It has been a passion of mine as long as I can remember. I love portraying other characters, on stage or on camera; and even though I may only be turning 16 I know it is something I want to do for the rest of my life.

          Sophie as Verges in her school's production of Much Ado About Nothing

          2)        Photography: This has also been a hobby of mine, and now that I got a DSLR camera for Christmas two years ago, you rarely see me without my camera by my side. I always want to learn more about taking pictures, of everything!

          3)        Singing: Singing always cheers me up! I am actually excited to wake up at six in the morning to go to choir rehearsal during the school year; and it’s not just that most of my friends are also in choir. This year not only was I in my school’s senior school concert choir but I also was in Mulgrave School’s vocal jazz ensemble! In vocal jazz we did songs from an a cappella version of “Superstition” to singing smooth jazz accompanied by drums, bass and guitar.

          Sophie and Mulgrave School's concert choir

          4)        My Friends and Family: They have always been so supportive, whether it’s picking me up from late rehearsals or coming out to watch a performance; I love them all and would not be where I am without them. Thank you for everything, I always appreciate everything you do!

          Sophie and her family

          3 Responses to Meet The Tempest Cast & Crew! Episode 3 with Luke McAndless-Davis and Sophie Chappell

          1. I watched the tempest yesterday, and I thought it was simply outstanding! Wanted to go see it again today, too! :) Great job!

            • Thank you very much! The teens worked very hard and all of us at Carousel are quite proud of their dedication and passion. Truly inspiring work from a bunch of teens.

              Thanks for coming and we will see you next year!

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