Michael strikes again!

July 13th, 2011

Here’s some news from inside the rehearsal studio… round 2 from SM Michael Gunion. — Andrea

From bios, contacts, photo shoots, production meetings, warm-ups (BIG booty), to text coachings, and rehearsals — the second week of TSP is very much alive.

This week the name of the game is endurance. For some of our cast members this is their first show outside of their high school theatre production. During the week our cast goes through a professional and demanding rehearsal process.

Each morning the cast is led through a body and vocal warm-up. This warm-up is designed to release tension and enhance their vocal power. After the warm-up they are split into three rotations. Some begin to work and block the different scenes from the play. Others have text and character coachings, while others work with a partner on areas of the play they wish to explore. Each actor is challenged to stay alert and focused throughout these rotations.

Have no fear, for laughter and fun contributes to 90% of the day. This year’s cast always have something fun to say. Even as I write this Blog I can hear them singing Avenue Q, and quoting scenes from such TV shows as Extras and Saturday Night Live! Today a few of the cast members arrived in snuggies and footed pajamas.

Yesterday, our fantastic sound designer introduced some of the sound effects into the rehearsal process. The sounds truly capture the concept of setting Julius Caesar in the time of the Godfather.

Speaking of the theme, one of my favourite lines also captures this concept. It can be found in Act 2, Scene 2. Caesar says, “Cowards dye many times before their deaths, The valiant never taste of death but once…”

– Michael

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