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          September 19th, 2014

          HE Strain

          Heather at her Assistant Stage Manager Post

          A Guest Post by HeatherEllen Strain,
          assistant stage manager for CTYP’s
          Teen Shakespeare Program.

          Heather is now studying at
          Concordia University


          This summer I had the pleasure of working with TSP as the assistant stage manager. When I first went in I was nervous, but by the end I not only felt more confident in myself, but also utterly amazed by the talent and kindness I was surrounded by.

          Coming in my background was purely high school productions, so getting to work with such talented, committed group of people was incredible. Not only were they dedicated to making the play amazing, they were so kind and welcoming. Upon first meeting everyone automatically made me feel right at home.

          I’m interested in going into set design, so It was great for me to be surrounded by people who wanted to show me how to do things like set up lights, or make a props list. One thing that stuck out for me in the group was everyone’s ability to remain professional while having fun.

          Animal Theme Day

          Animal Theme Day

          As backstage crew we decided that because no one sees us for the whole play, due to there being no set changes, we would have a different themed costume every night. Before every show, as soon as we had all finished our pre-show lists, we would go take pictures and laugh at everyone’s costumes. The actors too would immediately listen to anything I asked them to do!




          I’m so honoured and grateful that I got to spend my summer working with such a wonderful talented group of people. 

          Super Hero Theme Day

          Super Hero Day

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