Photoshoot Fun and Rehearsal Excitement!

          July 11th, 2013

          What a busy week! With only 15 days to go till opening night of Hamlet, we’ve been busier than ever here at Carousel Theatre. As the actors work on memorizing their lines and blocking their scenes, the rest of the team is hard at work sewing costumes, selling raffle tickets (stop by our office to pick some up!) and processing tickets. We’re excited to share the finished product with you July 26-August 10, 2013!


          Members of the ‘Hamlet’ cast with Judy from Australia!

          We had our photoshoot Monday night in beautiful Gastown featuring Leila Raye as Claudius, Seamus Fera as Ger Trood, Sofia Bunting-Newman as Hamlet, and Dexter van der Schyff as Ophelia! We had so much finding locations that looked ‘steam-punk interesting’. The hardest part about having the photoshoot in Gastown was trying to avoid capturing tourists in the background. The best part about it was attracting people’s attention with the AMAZING steam-punk costumes created by the talented Stephanie Kong! Many people came up to us to take pictures including Judy-a visitor all the way from Melbourne, Australia! You can view the rest of the photos HERE.


          More tourists excited to take pictures with the cast!

          Instructors Carole Higgins, Mike Stack and Melissa Oei have been busy blocking scenes, exploring themes and working on monologues with the cast. From the enthusiastic voices and happy smiles on everyone’s face, it’s safe to assume that everyone is having fun and learning lots. There is just so much energy, positive vibes and a sense of team-work coming from everybody-it’s great!


          Instructor Melissa Oei works with Seamus Fera and Sean Mawhinney.



          Noah Heyl, Isaac McAndless-Davis and Emily Armitage rehearse their lines outside.

          In other new, you can watch our latest video podcast to hear some cast members describe their characters. (Ps: It’s set to awesome steam-punk music which makes it a definite MUST-SEE!) Keep your eyes open for a new video podcast every Tuesday! 

          Thanks for reading! See you in a week!

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