Spirit Horse for Educators

April 18-27, 2018

  • Spirit Horse for Educators
  • Spirit Horse for Educators
  • Spirit Horse for Educators
  • Spirit Horse for Educators

Spirit Horse

Adapted by Ojibway playwright Drew Hayden Taylor
From the Irish play ‘Tir Na N’Og by Greg Banks
Directed by Greg Banks
A Roseneath Theatre production


April 18-27, 2018  |  Grades 3-12

at the Waterfront Theatre
1412 Cartwright Street on Granville Island
Running Time: 60 minutes, no intermission



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This powerful production follows the adventures of two First Nations children whose family is caught between traditional ways and urban culture. Angelina and Jesse’s lives are changed forever when their grandfather, who lives by the old ways on a prairies reserve, brings them a horse that has mysteriously appeared to him. The children feel an incredible bond to this majestic animal which links the girls and their dad to their Stoney Nation heritage.


“Spirit Horse offers a creative outlook on the challenges that face us all as we struggle to maintain balance in what can often be a difficult, challenging and sometimes dangerous world.” – Frontenac News


What to Expect

Roiled by the death of their mother and their disconnection from ancestral land, the children cope with bigotry, poverty, loss and their father’s depression. Stakes are high, as the children and their beloved horse are pursued and threatened before a daring rescue.


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Curriculum Ties

English Language Arts: Recognize and appreciate the role of story, narrative, and oral tradition in expressing First Peoples perspectives, values, beliefs, and points of view

Arts Education: Drama; Music; Traditional and contemporary Aboriginal arts and arts-making processes

Social Studies: Diverse cultures and backgrounds; The urbanization and migration of people; First Peoples land ownership and use;

Physical & Health Education: Consequences of bullying, stereotyping, and discrimination; Signs and symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression

Science: First Peoples concepts of interconnectedness in the environment

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