Quick Queries with…. Ella Simon

September 17th, 2009

A couple of days ago, we posed a query to our Carousel Theatre Facebook group- “what do you want to know about our creative team for Love You Forever? So we collected some random questions and asked our actors to answer them.

Ella Simon, who is playing a gazillion characters in this production (as is the case with many TYA shows- Theatre for Young Audiences), will be featured as Elizabeth (The Paper Bag Princess), and the baby who grows up throughout Love You Forever (seriously, get the tissues).

Yup. That's her.

Yup. That's her.

This is what Ella Simon had to say…

CT:  What is your most favourite book in the entire world from when you were little? (Submitted by Carousel Theatre- we like to know!)

Answer:  My favorite book was this book in Polish about a little kitten that was sick and ate sausages and milk.  But once I got older I read ALL of the Little House on the Prairie books.

CT: What was the worst mess you ever made when you were a child? (Submitted by Genevieve Fleming)

Answer:  I made messes all the time.  Usually on me.  I would save the snails in my backyard and let them crawl all over my face and arms.

CT: What will you love forever? (Submitted by Ben Elliott)

Answer:  My mom, dad, sister & little brother.

CT: What is your favourite Robert Munsch story? (Submitted by Steven Greenfield)

Answer:  The Paper Bag Princess!!!

CT: When did you decide that you wanted to be an actor? (Submitted by Chelsea Haberlin)

Answer:  At the Christmas pageant in Grade One.  I got VERY sick with the flu and my mom told me that I couldn’t do the show.  SO I begged her to let me, and said that I’d be okay to leave my bed for a few hours.  I clearly remember telling her I would “take it easy”… I lied.   When I arrived at the school gym my understudy was IN MY COSTUME  (Yes, I had an understudy!  It was the lead… not to brag or anything!).  So I did the show, and decided that was what I wanted to do forever no matter what got in my way!

CT: What was the first play you ever saw? (Submitted by Jessie van Rijn)

Answer: The Secret Garden at Carousel Theatre.

CT: Is there anything about Love You Forever… and More Munsch that you’re really excited about (ie: favourite scene, prop, costume)?

Answer:  ALL of my characters!  I have the best parts!  Sorry guys… [Editor’s Note: Melissa and Josue, the other actors in the show- will get their chance soon to debate this- don’t you worry, Ella!]

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