Quick Queries with… Josue Laboucane

September 21st, 2009

Drum roll please! Now presenting the last (but not least) actor of the Love You Forever …and More Munsch! troupe: Josue Laboucane!

The suave Josue Laboucane.

The suave Josue Laboucane.

Josue (pronounced ‘Jo-swee‘) is another Carousel family member. He has graced the stage with us on Silverwing and The Hobbit, and is now taking on the role of ‘Mortimer’ in this new production. Trust the folks in the office- this guy knows how to ‘Clang Clang Rattle Bing Bang’ his way through rehearsal.  We asked Josue some of our fun questions from our Facebook Group fans, and here are his answers:

CT: What is your most favourite book in the entire world from when you were little?

Answer:  My favourite book was a big thick collection of fairy tales, rhymes, songs and mythology.  I always went to that book to read before bed.   I also loved it when my grandmother read me a story called Llama’s in Pyjamas before bedtime.  It was about 2 llamas, a brother and sister, and how they lost their new pyjamas.

CT: What was the worst mess you ever made when you were a child?

Answer:  My mom has told me that when I was little, I don’t remember this, my cousin and I took bottles of ketchup and mustard from the fridge and we painted a room of my house red and yellow.  Then we decided to paint each other.  Then we tried to eat it all up!  She laughs now but my mom was not pleased at the time.

CT: What will you love forever?

Answer: I will always love my family and my family of friends.  I feel so fortunate to be supported by the people I love.

CT: What is your favourite Robert Munsch story?

Josue- rocking it in peach velour!

Josue- rocking it in peach velour!

Answer:  Oh, that’s tough, they’re all so great!  I love the stories that are woven into our play (Mortimer, Zoom, The Paper Bag Princess and Love You Forever).  Oh, and because I grew up in Northern British Columbia, I would also like to add 50 Below Zero to the list of my favourites!

CT: When did you decide that you wanted to be an actor?

Answer:  When I did my first play in the ninth grade.   It was a musical called South Pacific.  I don’t count the time I was a turkey in the Thanksgiving Day play in grade three.  I loved to sing, dance and act in front of an audience.  It was my favourite way to play!  And I wanted to learn everything and to tell stories.  Being an actor is a way to tell stories and learn things about people, places, and things.

CT: What was the first play you ever saw?

Answer: The first plays I saw were in my school gym put on by theatre companies with a travelling show.  I don’t remember the names of them I can only remember stories and images.  But many of the companies that I saw were from Vancouver.  I bet I even saw a Carousel Theatre show!  I thought it was amazing because I had never seen anything like a play before.  The sets, props and actors all transformed my school gym into a whole other imaginary world!

CT: Is there anything about Love You Forever… and More Munsch that you’re really excited about (ie: favourite scene, prop, costume piece)

Answer:  Rehearsals have been sooo much fun!  I’m really excited about the design elements that are being made.  We’re starting to get props, costume pieces, set pieces and sounds!  And each new arrival gives us new ideas to try!  Plus, I play Mortimer.  That means I can play with any props I want…even the Princess Ella’s props!

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