Something is Blooming in the Theatre of Carousel!

Something is Blooming in the Theatre of Carousel!

I am not speaking of blooming flowers, (although there is a lovely garden at the office!) rather, I am speaking of the seeds of production. Ah yes, the seeds of production have been planted here at Carousel Theatre as the team prepares for yet another summer of learning, exploration, imagination, […]

Interview with Anais West

“It was in TSP that I experienced all the wildness, confusion and rambunctious joy of adolescence … It’s where I formed relationships with some amazing theatre mentors who helped me develop as an artist and helped me take that leap of faith that is devoting your life to something as beautiful […]

Our first preview article!

Check it out here. Featuring Burnaby teen actor Isaac Li, first time ensemble member with Teen Shakespeare. Thanks to Burnaby NOW! – Andrea

Join the team at Carousel!

If you’ve been following along with our process and like what you see, why not come down and meet us in person! We are seeking volunteers to help us during our run from July 29 to August 13, and we want you to come play with us! Audience members flock […]

Behind the Scenes on our promo shoot

Today we were joined by the multi-talented Christine Quintana, to shoot some promotional shots for Julius Caesar! We had a great time jumping back into the fashion of the 40s with Vanessa Imeson’s costume designs. Special thanks to our photoshoot sponsor, Vern at Granville Island Brewing Company, for loaning us […]

Cast List is up!

Carousel Theatre presents the 2011 Teen Shakespeare Ensemble with… Seamus Fera as Flavius/Servant to Caesar/Artemidorus/Plebian 1/Messala Ava Receveur as Murullus/Publius/Plebian 2/Lucillius Emma Lindsay as Carpenter/Trebonius/Plebian 3/Messenger Isaac Li as Cobbler/Mettelus/Plebian 4/Titinius Claire Stewart as Commoner 1/Decius/Plebian 5/Pindarus/Strato Sophie Chappell as Commoner 2/Cinna/Octavius Shayna Linds as Commoner 3/Cicero/Ligarus/Popilius/Cinna the Poet/Cato Lukey […]


Due to popular demand, and popular enjoyment, here’s a full synopsis of the play. Remember, DO NOT read if you like surprises, but please DO read if you’re curious about content. (If visuals are more your style, scroll down for an animated YouTube video) JULIUS CAESAR by William Shakespeare To […]

“Et tu, Brute?” TSP presents

Welcome to another great season of Teen Shakespeare! We are SO proud to present a classic tale with a modern spin: This summer, Tony Soprano meets the Bard. We are bringing this classic tale of ambition and betrayal to the dark, thrilling, and sometimes volatile world of a mob family […]

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