The Big 2-0!

          July 30th, 2014

          That’s right, we are now 20 days into our Make Your Mark campaign and are we ever feeling the love!

          Thanks to you, as of this moment we are now officially over 30% of the way to our fundraising target of $10,000 with the Make Your Mark campaign! Your generosity and support are overwhelming and we are so grateful for each and every gift we have received.

          The Carousel Theatre for Young People renovations are humming along and we are seeing vivid changes in the space every single day. These dramatic changes are going to have an equally dramatic impact on emerging artists in the community. Stephanie Kong, a CTYP Costume Associate who is working with CTYP this season on an Early Career Development Grant through the BC Arts Council, shares her perspective:


          Costume Shop Expansion

          Costume Shop Expansion

          “Having just graduated from theatre school I would normally take my work home and spread it over my coffee table to have a physical space. I see having access to the upcoming renovated Carousel space as raising the standard of professional work for young artists like myself in the community.

          Often artists in the community feel that they don’t need much, but that is only because they don’t have much. By having a higher standard of working conditions, supplies, and resources we will allow artists to envision more and create more.

          Moreover, having a space that is available to both Carousel Theatre for Young People and that is available for rent by small companies will allow us to create new growth, connections, and standards for productions. The availability of the new and improved costume shop for rent is so novel and will make such a positive impact on these small companies. It will allow artists to focus on their creative vision rather than on finding a physical space to be able to produce. I can’t wait to start working in the new space.”


          At Carousel, we often talk about the impact of theatre on young people, but Stephanie’s words really emphasize how much of an impact your contributions are making by creating a space for young, emerging artists – not just actors, but those who work in props, costumes, set design, and more. We can’t wait to see these impacts first-hand this fall!  

          Join us and Make Your Mark for emerging artists today!

          The Make Your Mark campaign is an effort to activate 100 donors to donate $100.00 in 100 days in order to support our current renovation and facilities updating project. The campaign runs from July 11th – October 18th, 2014.

          100 donors.

          100 dollars.

          100 days.

          Every person who donates $100 will receive a tile for you and your family to decorate. This tile will be permanently fixed to the wall in the Carousel Theatre for Young People lobby! We will even be hosting a tile decorating party on October 18th & 19th, 2014 in our newly renovated space where donors can also get a tour of our new facilities!

          To Make Your Mark on Carousel Theatre for Young People, click here!

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