The One Month Mark

          August 11th, 2014

          New windows for our costume room expansion.

          New windows for our costume room expansion.

          Whew! Time flies when you are having fun. We are now officially one month into our Make Your Mark campaign and we couldn’t be happier! You, our supporters, have shown us the love and we are now at 36% of our goal for the entire campaign, so thank you!

          The renovations themselves have been coming along at a brisk pace and as you can see from this photo we now have windows for our costume room extension. This physical growth in our space is a reflection of the growth we see year-after-year in our students.



          Dorinda, who is both a parent and a Board Member here at Carousel, shares what it’s like to watch her child grow with us:

          “One of my favorite experiences at Carousel was when my son was performing one of his first showcases on stage. I recall leaning over to my husband, whispering “Oh no, what is he doing?” We watched with nervous tension as our son, decked out in a fancy head-dress, inched around the stage on his belly, squirming and wiggling reminisce of some strange yoga pose. As the instructor announced “Here is the mighty king cobra!” we breathed a sigh of relief knowing that he was in total character for the scene and not being a disruptive three year old.

          Carousel’s Theatre School programs have provided my son with a solid foundation of theatre skills and much more. He is now almost 11 years old and has gained confidence and the ability to comfortably speak to large audiences as well as engage in positive social communication in his daily life. He very much feels connected to his theatre community and looks forward to attending year after year.

          CTYP is growing to meet the needs of students in the community. With renovations currently underway, it opens up the ability to expand theatre school classes with closer age groupings with added subject variety. These options are pleasing for students who attend year after year. The added Improv classes provide more choices for students attending theatre school and the additional classes for teens opens up the possibilities even more! We are thrilled to see this next phase in our theatre community and wish every success to Carousel Theatre for Young People!”

          This is just one of many beautiful stories of families experiencing the magic of theatre, and our facility growth in the coming months will ensure that families will be able to continue growing with Carousel in the future!

          Join us and Make Your Mark for theatre school growth today!

          The Make Your Mark campaign is an effort to activate 100 donors to donate $100.00 in 100 days in order to support our current renovation and facilities updating project. The campaign runs from July 11th – October 18th, 2014.

          100 donors.

          100 dollars.

          100 days.

          Every person who donates $100 will receive a tile for you and your family to decorate. This tile will be permanently fixed to the wall in the Carousel Theatre for Young People lobby! We will even be hosting a tile decorating party on October 18th & 19th, 2014 in our newly renovated space where donors can also get a tour of our new facilities!

          To Make Your Mark on Carousel Theatre for Young People, click here!




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