“The Play’s the Thing!”

          August 6th, 2013

          The play’s the thing for one more week at Carousel Theatre for Young People! If you haven’t come down to see Hamlet yet, please do! The show runs until Saturday, August 10 at Performance Works Outdoor Stage. It promises to be a night of mystery, excitement and great fun! Only six more shows left…don’t miss out!


          During our dress rehearsal, we were unexpectedly joined by a gaggle of 43 geese!   They have yet to remake an appearance thus far but we are keeping on the lookout just in case they do. Our first week of performances was incredible; everybody’s hard work paid off! It truly is amazing what these young teens were able to accomplish in a mere four weeks of rehearsing one of the most complex plays of all time.  Tonight kicks off another week of Hamlet and we are certain that this week’s performances will be even MORE amazing.

          Director Carole Higgins gets creative in attempting to shoo the geese away from the stage...but the seemed to like it.

          Director Carole Higgins gets creative in attempting to shoo the geese away from the stage…but they seemed to like it.

          In addition to Hamlet, this week is also busy doing some play-reading. We read Love’s Labour’s Lost on Thursday and this afternoon, we read The Two Gentlemen of Verona.  Tomorrow we read A Comedy of Errors. We’re also busy with filming our lipdub so if you happen to see a group of teens frolicking on the green hill or dancing on the street, do not be alarmed…it will probably be us filming the lipdub. If all goes according to plan, this should be ready for your viewing pleasure by the end of the week…!


          Darquise Saint Germain and Ella Dubé play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern…who are alive!

           We hope you are all having a fabulous BC day! What better way is there to celebrate than to come see Hamlet tonight at 7:30? See you there! 

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