The Wizard of Oz- Costume Madness!

          November 28th, 2011

          Our Costume Shop is bursting at the seams with blue gingham, straw and trees. Our Head of Wardrobe, Darryl Milot, sat down with young interviewer Aidan for a brief chat a couple of weeks ago. We wanted to ask Darryl a few more questions to find out about what a Head of Wardrobe does, and more about Darryl himself!

          Here’s the video with Aidan:

          Darryl Milot, Head of Wardrobe for THE WIZARD OF OZ

          What is your job? When did you know this is what you wanted to do?

          I am the Head of Wardrobe for this production. I look after the building fitting, and jobbing out all the costume work in the shop. I originally wanted to go into fashion design when I was young, but managed to get my foot in the theatre door 10 years ago and haven’t looked back since.

          What kind of school did you have to do to get where you are now?

          I went to a private fashion design school in Gastown, then spent a couple years learning on the job in my old studio in Gastown.

          What is the most difficult costume you have ever created?

          I had to create a Samurai costume that was all one piece so it could go on in a 15 second quick change.

          What is your dream costume to create? What is your dream show to work on?

          I have done so many costumes over the years, and have been able to work on everything from 3D cups and pots, to broken down Les Mis costumes, so I’d have to say I have more than surpassed my dream costumes. My fave was making the costumes for Jay Brazeau as the ‘Mother ‘in Hairspray at The Arts Club Theatre.

          As far as a dream show goes, I would love to do Little Mermaid.

          What is your favourite show you have ever worked on?

          I really liked Funny Girl, but I’d have to say it was Miss Saigon.

          Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion Renderings by Costume Designer Barbara Clayden. Carousel Theatre, 2011

          You’re creative! What would you suggest to a family that is coming to our dress-up matinee on Dec. 10 who can only make costumes out of materials around the house?

          Grab your funnels (Tinman), old overalls (Scarecrow), or even a clean mop head (Lion). Table cloths can become skirts with a few safety pins, and of course, ANYTHING GREEN!

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