The Word On the Street – The Wizard of Oz Can’t Be Beat!

          December 19th, 2011

          We’ve had an amazing time in the land of Oz over the past 3 weeks. With 2 weeks left in the run, we thought we’d share some of the comments that we’ve received about the show. If you’ve seen the show and would like to comment, send your review to jessie [at] or comment below!

          The Company. The Wizard of Oz. Carousel Theatre, 2011. Photo by Tim Matheson

          “I really enjoyed The Wizard of Oz at the Carousel Theatre. I loved the Munchkins the most. You’ll be surprised by them. I think kids and families should go to The Wizard of Oz because of the singing, the dancing, the actors and the music. And it is so funny.”
          Simran (Grade 2), The Province (Read Full Review Here)

          “Carousel Theatre goes over the rainbow and finds a pot of gold with this production of The Wizard of Oz. Comparisons to the classic 1939 movie are inevitable, so it’s no small feat that director Carole Higgins and a cast of 10 have managed to craft a kid‐friendly (read: less‐scary) version of the story without sacrificing any of its magic.”
          Kathleen Oliver, Georgia Straight (Read Full Review Here)

          “On a scale of one to 10, my savvy eight‐year old guest Avril gave this Carousel Theatre production a 10‐and‐a‐half. And judging by the hush in the theatre, I think all the kids there would agree. The Wizard of Oz is not Christmassy but taking kids to the theatre at Christmas‐or any time of year‐is a treat they never forget.”
          Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier (Read Full Review Here)

          “We absolutely LOVED The Wizard of Oz. We saw it last weekend and I think we will be talking about it for a LONG time. It was so amazing…you people are all so talented. Thanks for doing what you do ‐ giving us parents a chance to raise our kids with a love of the arts. We are looking forward to the next show!”
          Susan, Audience Member

          “When it comes to what to do in Vancouver with your kids this holiday season, this children’s theatre production is definitely worth checking out.”
          Michelle Carchrae, Vancouver Mom (Read Full Review Here)

          “Thanks to Carousel Theatre for making shows that bring out the child in me that I often miss being.”
          Alyzee Lakhani, (Read Full Review Here)

          “You don’t have to be with kids (or have any) to enjoy this amazing show–you just have to be a kid at heart.”
          Anabelle Bernard Fournier (Read Full Review Here)

          Dorothy (Robyn Wallis) realizes that she is no longer in Kansas. The Wizard of Oz. Carousel Theatre, 2011. Photo by Tim Matheson.


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