Where the Magic Happens

July 20th, 2010

It’s Tuesday morning at the office, and I can hear the sounds of theatre school (laughing children, excited screaming, parental chatter, instructor enthusiasm), teen actors (laughing, shouting, projecting, rehearsing) and administration (clacking keyboards, phones a-ringing, printers printing, faxes faxing, and coffee dripping).  This is the sound of Carousel Theatre hard at work – but where does the magic happen?  Today I’m giving you a look behind the scenes of our busy busy little theatre company.  First up: Stage Management!

Stephanie's Desk!

Organized. Sooo very organized…

This is where our super stage mananger Stephanie Kong lives – note the Lysol wipes, tissues, highlighters, pens, pencils, erasers, tape and more.  Stephanie is in the rehearsal hall every day noting blocking, costume notes, set and lighting requirements and all things important to putting this show on the road (er, stage).  So it makes sense that the person keeping everything in order has the most orderly desk you’ll see in this blog!  Next up, Head Instructor Carole Higgins!

The Director's Chair

The Director's Chair

Carole has spent many weeks exploring the world of The Taming of the Shrew, and when rehearsals begin the 16 lucky teen actors learn all about it from her.  Carole’s desk includes a very carefully notated script (thoughtfully edited for time from the original), two volumes of Shakespearean Thesauruses (which reveal alternate Elizabethan meanings to contemporary words), and the first Folio, which many consider to be an invaluable tool in breaking down Shakespeare’s sometimes confusing text.  If you’ve got a question about Shakespeare, Carole knows the answer, and her desk reveals that she keeps all the resources she needs to pass on her wisdom right at her fingertips.  Let’s go down the hall to Jane Sanden’s room!

The Costume Lair

It's a costume explosion!

Our costume designer extraordinaire Jane Sanden is hard at work building the beautiful costumes that will grace the Performance Works Outdoor Stage, and she’s got the tool kit to back her up!  This desk alone reveals a sewing machine, laptop for research, glue, pins, thread, tape measure, costume sketches and most importantly a coffee.  Jane has only two more weeks to cut, stich, serge, and sew the fabulous outfits for our Moulin Rouge spectacular – so we’ll assume she’s leaving the cleanup for later!  Let’s head upstairs and visit the office…

The Office

It's only dimly lit because we haven't had our coffee yet!

Ahh, the office.  It’s not exactly Dunder-Mifflin up here – I’m not sure how many offices are home to flying fish and giant flowers, but ours is!  Note our intern Shannon MacKenzie and Administrative Coordinator Chelsea Haberlin deep in thought.  Yes, that is the Carousel Theatre Facebook page open on my computer screen.   Yes, Facebook is part of my job description.  And no, you can’t have my job!  Wait, what’s that behind me?

The Carousel Theatre Store

Mmm, junk food…

Yep, this is the closest thing our teen actors have to a ‘desk’.  When they’re not rehearsing, dancing, or running their lines, they are creeping around our office cleaning out the Carousel Theatre Store (especially the ice cream!)  This is the Store shortly after restocking.  By the end of the week, all that was left was the piggy bank!

So there you have it – where the magic happens!  But the real magic begins when we move down to the Outdoor Stage to begin our final week of rehearsals.  Check back with us later this week as we get set to open our fantastic show.  We hope to see you there!

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