October 6, 2020



Where do I get tickets? 

Tickets for the season are available at www.tickets.carouseltheatre.ca. There, you can purchase tickets for individual shows or a Play Pack subscription for all three.

To buy tickets for a single show, start by choosing an Individual Ticket or a Senior/Student Ticket. Then, add on any additional adults or children that will be listening along. (Detailed ticket prices below)

To buy tickets for all three shows, choose a Family or Individual Play Pack subscription. 

After your purchase, you will get a confirmation email. When the shows are available for listening, you will get a follow up email with the link and password for access. If you don’t receive those emails, it’s important that you contact Carousel Theatre for Young People so that we can get you access to the shows!

Can I get a Play Pack subscription? What are the prices?

Yes! There are three types of subscriptions:

Audioplay 3 Show Pack – Individual (for the solo listener) – $50

Audioplay 3 Show Pack – Family (for 2 adults + 2 children) – $110

Audioplay 3 Show Pack – Class Pack (for classrooms, daycares, and more) – $140

What are the ticket prices for a single show? 

For a single show, tickets start at $20 (or $18 for Seniors/Students/Self-Identified Low Income). To buy, start with an individual ticket and add on additional children and adults to make up your party (for example, 1 adult + 2 children would be $20 + $5 + $5 for a total of $30):

Individual Ticket – $20

Senior/Student/Self Identified Low Income – $18

Additional Adult – $10

Additional Child – $5

There are a few other types of tickets for a single show:

Bubble Packs for a family (2 adults + 2 children) – $40

Classroom Pack for a single show – $50

If you have an Access 2 Card, call the box office at (604 – 685-6217 for assistance in booking tickets. 

Can I apply a credit or gift certificate?

Absolutely. Reach out to the box office at info@carouseltheatre.ca or call at (604) 685-3410 and we can apply your gift certificate to your order. You can prepare by trying to remember what name the gift certificate is under 🙂

Is it in person? Is anything happening at the theatre?

You can listen to the audio plays from the comfort and safety of your own home. There is no in-person component. Each audio play will be accompanied by extra activities to do at home – recipes, songs, crafts, dancing, instructions on where or how to listen, etc – so there will be plenty to engage with while you listen! 

Is there a visual element?

The shows will be accessible via a Vimeo video link. While they are designed to listen screen-free, there will still be some visual elements for each show. Each audio play has a visual designer working on instructions and activities for Engaged Listening – the shows may have recipes, accompanying graphic novels, special treasure hunts, or crafts to go along with the audio.

How do I listen? 

A link and password to the audio play will be emailed to you during the “run” of the show. You can listen at any time during the show dates; there’s no need to choose a specific day. 

Make sure you listen before the end of the “run” as the play will be removed from the internet at the end of the “run”. 

When you are ready to listen, find the email with the link, click it to find the special show webpage, and enter the password on the video. Hook up speakers or headphones if you are using them, sit back, relax, hit play, and enjoy! 

When do I listen?

When the shows are available for listening, you will receive an email with a password and link for access. The shows will be available: 

Nom Nom Gnomes: Dec 10th-Jan 3rd

Rishi & d Douen: Feb 4th-28th

蝦仔 Little Shrimp: April 8th-May 2nd

You can listen at any point during the “run” of the show. At the end of the “run” the show will no longer be available for listening. Make sure you listen before it ends as there will be absolutely no access after the final show date. 

I didn’t get an email with the link! What should I do?

If there’s no email in your inbox or in your spam or junk mail folder, email the Carousel team at info@carouseltheatre.ca. For a faster response, during business hours, you can call at (604) 685-6217. 

When you buy your tickets, double check that your email is correct. Sometimes a typo gets entered into our system, so that may be the cause of emails that don’t arrive. 

What if I want to share the experience with another listener at the last minute? 

If you want to share the experience with others, direct them to buy tickets at www.tickets.carouseltheatre.ca. Alternatively, you can purchase additional tickets for friends or family members that join you in listening last minute. 

Please keep the link to yourself and only listen with others who have purchased tickets. The COVID 19 pandemic has hit live theatres very hard, and without box office revenue, we are unable to keep supporting artists and creating meaningful cultural experiences for young people. By buying tickets to listen, you are helping us weather this storm.