May 29, 2021


Community Update & Announcement

A Message from Carousel Theatre for Young People’s Board of Directors:

We want to first thank everyone who has provided their time and energy to provide their feedback and perspectives to date. The passion and care of and for people in our community has been evident by the amount of input we have received to date. It has also demonstrated that there are multiple perspectives in our community, though with a general alignment on setting up Carousel Theatre for Young People (CTYP) and its community members for future success.

Between now and August 2021, the Board of Directors for CTYP is taking critical steps to partner with the community on identifying a forward-thinking vision and collectively move ahead together. This is an important collaboration to bring your thoughts on the vision for CTYP’s future, our programming, and artistic offerings.

  • Starting with a community survey to understand what your vision is for CTYP for the future. You can access this survey from now until June 11, 2021 by clicking HERE.
  • We will be hosting virtual community dialogue sessions in July to discuss the findings of the survey and co-create opportunities for CTYP.
  • In addition, the Board will be initiating a process for the hiring of new permanent management. A selection committee will be composed of community leaders with a variety of backgrounds and experiences in order to provide holistic expertise on the role and responsibilities of future management.

We express our sincere appreciation to the current Interim Co-Artistic and Managing Directors, Randi Edmundson and Shizuka Kai, for their dedication and creativity as they have admirably guided CTYP from their first days on the job.

  • Finally, the Board will oversee this full implementation and will transition with new Board members with an Annual General Meeting contemplated to take place in the late Summer of 2021.

In order to ensure a successful transition, the Board will engage with interested community members to fill current vacancies prior to the Annual General Meeting and encourages those with an interest in joining to reach out to to express their interest.

The Board is fully committed to ensuring transparency and partnerships with the community to implement a forward-thinking future for the organization’s staff, programs, and services.

Please stay tuned to our website as information will be updated regularly with your opportunity to participate in this collective action.