August 3, 2020


What is a “disclosure program”?

A disclosure program is a confidential process where individuals can share their experiences with Carousel Theatre with a neutral, 3rd party.

Why has Carousel Theatre implemented a disclosure program?

For a variety of reasons people may not come forward, or have not come forward in the past, to share their experiences with Carousel Theatre.  In an effort to understand the full breadth of experiences, this program has been established to ensure that all voices, including those traditionally marginalized, have an opportunity to be heard.

Who can participate?

Simply put, anyone. Anyone who has interacted with Carousel (employees, contractors, volunteers, patrons etc.) is welcome to participate.

What kinds of things can be disclosed?

Simply put, anything. This process is designed to bring forward experiences that you feel or felt should have been raised, but don’t, or didn’t feel comfortable doing so.  This also includes experiences you feel have already been raised, whether with management or the board, that have not been addressed to your satisfaction to date. Disclosures could pertain to things like behaviours, equity, policies, procedures, climate/culture and business practices.

Is this only for concerns or identifying problems ?

Undoubtedly, many disclosures will be coming from a place of concern, inequity or difficulty. However, this program is open to disclosures of any nature, including identifying success.

What is the outcome of the disclosure process?

The experiences shared in the disclosure program will inform a report made to the board. The board will take that information forward and decide on actionable items after having given due consideration to all disclosures made to them. The disclosure program is not responsible for substantiating complaints or concerns, but rather to collect, assess and report on the matters disclosed.

Who is operating the program?

Carousel Theatre has contracted with Wade King, a well established practitioner in the areas of disclosure and human rights. He is experienced in providing “safe” disclosure experiences for individuals and aiding organizations in assessing and addressing the information brought forward. He is also a recognized leader in the area of human rights and equity.

Mr. King has experience working with arts organizations and the not-for-profit sector.  He is the former Director of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights at the University of Alberta.

What is the commitment to confidentiality?

A neutral 3rd party has purposely been selected to operate this program.  You are encouraged to share as much information as you feel comfortable with during the disclosure process.  It is important to note that the identity of participants, or details that may identify participants will NOT be shared in any manner with the board and/or management of Carousel Theatre. Mr. King is well experienced in maintaining the confidentiality of participants in similar disclosure programs

Will I be able to remain anonymous?

While it is certainly possible to contact the program without disclosing your identity, it is hoped that individuals will provide as much information as possible. This will enable the program to deliver informed, effective results.  As mentioned above, no individual information or identifiers will be released to Carousel Theatre in any manner.

If you are not certain, contact the program. Mr. King will fully outline the process prior to any disclosure. You can decline to make a disclosure at that point, if you wish.  Contacting the program will not trigger a process you can’t stop. You will be given the opportunity to make an informed decision about making a disclosure.

Is this process related to a specific issue or person?

No. Carousel recognizes that there has been harm in its community, and is interested in hearing disclosures of all natures and about all experiences related to its operations and programming to consider how to best address the underlying concerns relating to that harm. There is no targeted person, issue or outcome to this process.

However, if issues arise that can be addressed within Carousel’s current policies, agreements, procedures etc., a referral can be made to those processes.

How long will this program run?

The program will run from August 4th, 2020 – September 25th, 2020.

Calls will be accepted Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time. (Other times will gladly be arranged)

Every effort will be made to answer calls directly and respond to emails promptly.  Please note that in some instances, it may take 24-48 hours to respond to voicemails and messages.

How do I contact someone to make a disclosure?

You can make initial contact program in two ways:


Phone:  236-808-7481 ( this is a B.C. number)

Other forms of communication, including those required for accessibility, can be arranged after initial contact with the program. This includes video chat.

What can I expect when I contact the program?

When you contact the program, you will be provided with an overview of what the program is, including information on privacy and confidentiality. You will be asked how you would like to share your information. That could include options such as setting up a phone or video call, or communicating in writing.

Some people choose to make their initial contact with the program with an email that outlines the details of their disclosure.If there are questions or follow-up required, the program may want to follow up.  Please provide some form of contact information or indicate that you’d prefer not to be contacted.

Can I have someone with me when I make a disclosure?

If you would like to have someone present, as a support or observer, for any phone/video conversations, that is welcome.

What if I need a reasonable accommodation to participate in the process?

When you contact the program, you will be asked how you can be included through accommodation, if required.