August 3, 2020


As we mentioned in our July 26th update, we are launching a third party disclosure program. We are doing this to ensure we are able to hear and understand people’s experiences with Carousel Theatre, and we want do it in a way that allows us to hear from as many as possible and in a way that makes everyone feel comfortable and safe.

We have engaged Wade King to deliver disclosure services to the Carousel Community. Mr. King is an experienced disclosure and human rights professional. He has designed and operated disclosure programs for many organizations, including arts organizations. He is the former Director of the Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights at the University of Alberta.

Wade’s role is to receive reports (disclosures) of any kind and related to any aspect of Carousel’s operations and programming that community members wish to share in confidence.  As a confidential process, individuals who make disclosures will not be known to the board or staff of the theatre.  Wade will summarize the concerns in a non-identifiable way for the board so that they can take that information forward and decide on actionable items.   People can still reach out to the board directly at We will share previous matters that had been disclosed to us with Wade, although anyone who would like to contact Wade directly is encouraged to do so.

The program will launch on Tuesday August 4th, 2020 and continue until September 25th, 2020. You can make a disclosure via phone, Canada Post, video chat or email.  To initiate the process please contact: or 236-808-7481 (this is a local BC number). The phone number does not subscribe to caller ID. Letters may be mailed to Wade King Consulting, 10308 73 St NW, Edmonton AB T6A 2X4.

For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.  You may also contact Mr. King.