September 27, 2021


CTYP Announces New Leadership

Carousel Theatre for Young People is pleased to announce new artistic leadership and management.

After undergoing a rigorous national review with a number of qualified candidates, we are delighted to announce CTYP has agreed to new management – and we are excited to introduce you to our new Co-Artistic & Managing Directors, Jennica Grienke and Dave Deveau.

Jennica has worked as an actor, producer, and director with TYA companies across the country and has joined Carousel after four years as an Artistic Associate at Persephone Theatre. Dave is an acclaimed playwright and producer whose work has toured all over North America and Europe and also serves as Associate Artistic Director at Zee Zee Theatre. They commenced in these roles on September 27.

We want to thank all of the candidates who made their application for the role, and also all of those involved in helping us make this important decision for Carousel’s future, including members of our hiring committee.

We also want to send a great note of thanks to Randi Edmundson and Shizuka Kai who both held the Interim Co-Artistic and Managing Director roles since July 2020. Their efforts, as we moved forward through this time of transition, have been immensely important for Carousel, and we can’t thank them enough.

We’re looking forward to continuing the process of community connection and building forward with Jennica and Dave, using our existing foundation as a springboard for the future.

A message from Jennica and Dave:

We are thrilled to join Carousel Theatre for Young People in its 46th year to shepherd it into a promising new future. Theatre for young audiences has the capacity to stimulate community, encourage growth and inspire minds in a unifying experience. Both of us have dedicated our careers to creating intelligent and imaginative work for young people, Jennica as an actor, director, and producer, and Dave as a playwright and producer.

TYA truly runs in our blood, and we cannot wait to bring the relationships we have with fellow TYA companies across Canada and the world to Carousel. As a new leadership team of white settlers, we acknowledge the privilege that holds and will continue to leverage it, and include and advocate for IBPOC voices, as we build an equitable and inclusive future.

In collaboration with the Carousel staff and Board of Directors who are a strong assembly of smart minds, we look forward to continuing to build our education program as a vital resource for young people and early career professionals, to champion the development of local new works, and to foster collaboration with other companies locally, nationally and internationally.

Carousel has the capacity to be a hub for creative collaboration as we return to in-person gathering and the renourishing of our artistic souls. Even in these immensely challenging and ever-changing times, we are dedicated to ensuring young people experience transformative live artistic work as we create meaningful connections and build genuine relationships. We look forward to developing an organization full of imagination and bring joy and magic to every possible facet.