December 8, 2020


Notes from Carousel Theatre for Young People’s Board of Directors:

We’d like to thank everyone who came forward during the third party disclosure program held between August 4 – September 25th. We are working to create a page on our website detailing our progress with the recommendations you’ll find within the report below. We will also be holding a community event early in the new year which will provide an opportunity to engage with our board and staff. Further details will follow.

Notes from our consultant, Mr. Wade King:

The primary lens used when writing this report was that of confidentiality of participants. As such the report is written in a brief, high-level manner. However, it must be recognized that the report was built upon complex, human experiences. The author acknowledges the social and emotional labour and time participants contributed to the disclosure process, and this report. Experiences shared were heard, meaningfully considered and of immense value to the process.

Some participants may not see their experience directly reflected in this report. This does not negate nor discredit those experiences. While the disclosure process was focused on experiences and dialogue, the report, by design, is focused on themes and recommendations. The thematic approach combined with an emphasis on confidentiality limits the amount of “voice” that can be expressed in the report. It does however provide information that is of value to informing meaningful organizational change.