July 8, 2020


Over the past week, we at Carousel Theatre Society have received many responses to our earlier statement on racism and oppression, including workplace environment, in our organization. It is clear from those responses that there are problems with our organization that are having a negative impact on our community.  We recognize that change needs to happen.

The board of directors is reviewing and will be restructuring our leadership team. We will be working to rebuild a theatre that is inclusive, creates opportunity, and provides a safe place for everyone. We are consulting with labour relations specialists to help us reach that goal. Real change takes time, thought, and commitment, and we need to take that time to ensure we are conducting this process properly. We want our organization to be a place we can all be proud of and we are sincerely committed to doing better.  We will update the community as we continue on with this restorative work.

Sarah Hudson, Secretary, Board of Directors
Stephen Robertson, President, Board of Directors
Kathie Schwaia, Treasurer, Board of Directors
Susan Shank, Board Member
Fila Testini, Board Member
Roger Watts, Board Member