External COVID-19 Health & Safety Measures (Covid 2020)

Last Updated: July 2, 2020

Protocol to Aug 31st, 2020

Visiting the Office

The building will be closed to the public, but it will still be possible to make an appointment to meet with CTYP staff in the office after August 31st

Before arriving, the staff member that you are meeting will send you the expectations and instructions for visitors. 

The building doors will remain locked. Upon arrival, visitors will be expected to wait outside and call the person they are meeting to be let in by a staff member. Meetings may take place in Studio C, in which case visitors will be asked to enter through the back door. 

Visitors are expected to wash their hands in the downstairs washrooms before entering the office. Please refrain from using the Dyson hand dryers and use paper towels to dry hands instead. 

Upon arrival, visitors must confirm contact information to facilitate contract tracing if needed. 

Visitors are expected to remain at least 6 feet away from staff and other visitors, respect the plexiglass barriers surrounding the staff desks, and respect posted occupancy limits for the building and for each space within the building: 

  • 25 limit for the entire building
  • Studio A + B-  Limit of 13 
  • Main Office – Limit of 5.  
  • Artistic Director’s Office – Limit of 2
  • Green Room – Limit of 3

Visitors are reminded that Studios A and B are designated for Drama School only. 

The office door and balcony door will remain open during office hours to facilitate air circulation.

Visitors are asked to wear a personal mask when meeting with staff members in any small spaces, including the green room. Whenever possible, meetings with the public will be held on the outdoor balcony or in a designated meeting room, which will be sanitized between visitors. Visitors are also asked to keep their personal belongings with them during their visit. 

After using a CTYP pen, visitors are expected to deposit the pen in the “used pen” container for sanitizing. 

There will be signage at any 2-way doorways, stairways, etc, reminding visitors to look out for oncoming “traffic”, and arrows on stairs to encourage visitors to walk on the right side. We respectfully ask that only 1 person be on the staircase at one time. 

There will be regular cleaning and disinfecting of high touch points around the building throughout the day, as well as a full clean every day.