Bursary Application

Our bursaries are made possible by the generous donations of individuals in the community. Resources are, therefore, limited and partial bursaries are awarded based on financial need. In the interest of seeing the funds divided as fairly as possible, and to ensure that they reach those in genuine financial need, we ask that you exercise accuracy and honesty in filling out this form. Bursary applications will be held in complete confidence. As funds are limited, application does not guarantee assistance, and families will be considered for one bursary per student, per school year. Limited partial bursaries for the Teen Shakespeare Program will be made available if funds allow.

Awards vary between $25 to $150 for Drama Classes depending upon demonstrated financial need. This may differ for Drama Camps.

Please note that as of April 2020, CTYP’s Bursary Program is on pause due to the significant financial impact of COVID-19 on our non-profit organization. We hope to make this important program available again soon, but do not expect it to be available for FALL 2020.