Registrations are first come, first served and high demand often leads to waitlists. Early registration is strongly recommended.

PAYMENTS: Payment is due upon registration. Registration is not guaranteed until payment has been received. All students must register and have their tuition paid before attending the first class. Payment can be made by cash, Mastercard, Visa or cheque (payable to Carousel Theatre for Young People).

COMMUNICATIONS: requires all communications with parents to go through CTYP Administrative Staff. We do not give out faculty phone numbers and email addresses and request faculty do not provide these to parents. Please direct all questions and concerns to CTYP’s Education Coordinator. CTYP faculty should not be approached regarding babysitting or other direct services.

BEFORE AND AFTER CLASS: Carousel Theatre for Young People and our instructors are not responsible for students before and after class time. A $10 fee is charged for all late pick–ups. Please note: early drop–offs are not permitted. Students 13 and over may be given permission by their parent or guardian to arrive and depart without an adult.

AGE: Students must be registered in the classes that correspond with their age. In the case of mid-semester birthdays, students may register based on their age at the end of the semester.

ABSENTEEISM: Please call us in advance if your child will be absent from a class. Absenteeism can be very disruptive, so please ensure your child does not miss more than two classes. If your child misses two or more classes their role in the final showcase may be limited. If your child misses 4 or more classes, Carousel Theatre for Young People reserves the right to cancel the registration.

LATENESS: Please ensure your child arrives on time for class. We respectfully request that you do not send your child to class if he/she will be more than 10 minutes late.

GUESTS IN CLASS: For the comfort of our students and instructors, parents/guardians are not permitted to observe classes and are asked to wait in the lobby—or enjoy Granville Island! Students ages 11 and up participating in a cultural exchange program may request advance permission for their exchange guest to attend up to 2 classes during a term. CTYP may not be able to grant permission in all cases. Parents are requested to make a donation to the Drama School Bursary Fund equal to the cost per class attended by a guest. No other guests are permitted.

ELECTRONIC DEVICES: Students may not use cell phones or other electronic devices during class, unless given express permission by the instructor. All devices must be turned off and tucked away. Instructors may collect devices during class and return them at the end of class.

MINIMUM ENROLMENT: Carousel Theatre for Young People reserve the right to cancel classes due to insufficient enrolment. In the event of a cancellation, a full refund will be provided.

BULLYING: Carousel Theatre for Young People has ZERO tolerance for bullying of any kind. Such behaviour can result in the automatic cancellation of a registration.

WHAT TO WEAR: Children should wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. We recommend tights or leggings under skirts. For safety reasons, all students must wear shoes in class (as socks and stockings are a slip hazard). In rainy weather, please bring a pair of dry indoor shoes.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If you cancel your drama school registration after it has been processed but at least two weeks before the class begins, CTYP will refund tuition less an administration fee of $25.00. If you cancel your registration less than two weeks before the class begins, CTYP will refund tuition less an administration fee of $50.00. If you wish to cancel after the class start date please see below for Withdrawal policy.

There are no refunds for Spring Break or Summer Drama Camp cancellations made 2 weeks or less prior to the class starting.

WITHDRAWAL: If you decide after attending the first or second class that you do not want to continue, let us know before the third class and we will refund your tuition payment – less the $50.00 administration fee and cost of classes that have taken place.

Please Note: the student must have attended a class to qualify for this refund. After the third class, CTYP will not issue any refunds.

There are no refunds for withdrawals from Spring Break or Summer Drama Camps.

EXCHANGES: Space permitting, exchanges are possible within a semester (i.e., from one time slot to another of the same course), and are subject to a $5.25 exchange fee. If you wish to switch from one semester to another, the cancellation fees listed above will be applied if less than one month prior to the start of the term being transferred out of.

REFERENCE LETTER REQUESTS: CTYP is pleased to provide letters of support for students upon request. To be eligible to receive a letter of support:
1. The student must have completed one full semester (minimum 10 weeks) in CTYP’s Drama School within the previous 6 months.
2. During the semester for which the reference letter is requested, the student cannot have missed more than 2 classes.
3. CTYP requires four weeks notice in order to issue a reference letter.
Request for a reference letter can be made through the Education Coordinator. Please send your request to education@carouseltheatre.ca